Mitch McConnell To The House: GET REKT N00BS

Cocaine Mitch Is On Fire

Cocaine Mitch SCOTUS

Mitch McConnell took to the floor of the Senate this morning, and regardless your opinion on his normal demeanor, he absolutely eviscerated the despicable, lawless hysteria that came out of the House of Representatives last night. He laid out how the Left has been gunning for impeachment since before the President was inaugurated, and that it was driven by mindless & cowardly rage instead of following the actual law. I don’t know who wrote his speech, but they know their Constitution and Federalist Papers pretty well, with Mitch laying out exactly why what the Democrats did last night is antithetical to the construction and nature of our republic. He lays out how baseless the articles of impeachment are, showing that it’s nothing more than a political ploy, since everything else the Democrats have tried has failed like it was Hollywood trying to reboot a beloved franchise.

Or summed up by Rush Limbaugh this morning: “No reasonable prosecutor would bring up these charges…”

I highly recommend watching this. Mitch has never been on fire like this, even with judges.

What do you think, is Cocaine Mitch ready to play some hardball?

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