Ivanka Trump Knows Chris Steele

So this one bothers me a bit and also might explain a few things.

There is also enough circumstantial evidence that Ivanka not only met Steele but had several discussions with him over the years and likely at least one meeting with him at Trump Tower.

Thus, I conclude that the selection of Steele by the Clinton campaign was not random but was instead because he already knew Ivanka. An interesting question would be who approached whom? My guess is that Steele approached the Clinton campaign since I find it less likely someone in the campaign would know that Ivanka happened to know Steele.

The next question is why did Steele take on the job? He would have certainly thought that it wasn’t a conflict of interest and, I suppose, if your job is to dig up dirt on people, having a leg up would certainly make sense. Of course, if he saw a big payday since he already knew Ivanka,  that pretty well tells us everything we need to know about Steele doesn’t it?

A number of us have thought for a long time that the U.S. Government should dispatch a Delta Team strike force to bring Steele over to ask him a few questions. As it turns out, Ivanka no doubt called Steele and asked him what the hell he was doing. Maybe Steele just said something British about stiff upper lip and all that. In any instance, something feels a little rotten in Denmark to me.

Steele, of course, has doubled down on the veracity of the dossier. In an article in the BBC

How has Steele responded?

In a lengthy statement issued through his lawyers on Tuesday, Mr Steele accused the inspector general of making “serious errors”.

It maintained that key claims in his dossier had been corroborated by Mr Page.

The statement points out that Mr Page admitted having met an associate of Igor Sechin, the president of Russian oil company Rosneft. Mr Sechin is considered a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the Steele dossier asserts that Mr Page met Mr Sechin himself, an allegation that has not been confirmed by US authorities.

The statement says Mr Steele’s London-based private intelligence agency, Orbis, had a “commercial relationship” with the FBI.

You’d expect part of the dossier to be correct however those aren’t the parts that has everyone interested. Those parts such as the pee-pee-tape, as the Mueller Report states, are “unsubstantiated.” And whether the Russians provided a bit of misdirection or just decided to troll Steele for the humor value in it is “unsubstantiated” as well.

I don’t know what to make of this but I thought it was worth noting lest we be caught unawares.

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