In Support of the Refugee Resettlement Program and Executive Order 13888

Mark Writes Idaho Governor Little

December 29, 2019

Dear Governor Little,

I write today to encourage you to respond immediately with a State and Local Consents letter as required under Executive Order 13888 relating to the Refugee Resettlement Program (Program).

As a Republican, I am proud that we have lead on this issue by establishing the standards under which individuals can immigrate to our country:

  1. Enter the country legally
  2. Learn English
  3. Assimilate into our culture while maintaining and celebrating traditions of their homeland
  4. Commit to having a job and being self sufficient
  5. Be welcome in the area in which they relocate

The Program meets all of these requirements and should be held up as the model for all immigration.

President Trump also often mentions “merit” as another standard. This is a component of being welcome in the area they relocate. Merit means that a refugee demonstrates a burning desire to become a citizen. Merit may also relate to having a set of skills that adds value to the country. One of the greatest skills an individual can have is the ability to overcome obstacles through hard work and determination. While refugees may not bring the skill of “brain surgeon” or other highly skilled training, the skill of accomplishment over adversary is always of value to a community.

All through our history, religion of immigrants has been a concern and at each turn, it has shown to not be an issue. Freedom of religion has proven to guarantee that one group’s religious beliefs do not trample the rights of other citizens. It was not all that long ago when people debated whether President John F. Kennedy would be required to follow the admonishments of the Pope against the interests of the country. The “American Dream” is only available when it is available to all which is the magic behind our diversity.

When we talk about immigration of any kind, the affect on the local job market is always an area of concern since we want to have people filling the “American Dream” funnel at the top while still ensuring that current citizens are guaranteed their shot. Executive Order 13888 brings transparency to ensuring that refugees are welcome and desired by communities that can take advantage of their unique life experiences.

The Program is the embodiment of the Republican approach to immigration and Idaho is in the unique position to demonstrate to the entire country how immigration is done right.


Mark Rosneck

Twin Falls, ID 83301

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Site owner and bilagáana


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