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Has Trump Been Impeached?

The other day, I would have said yes but today I’m not so sure. As we all know, if the House impeaches a president, he’s pretty well impeached regardless of what the Senate does. Bill Clinton was certainly impeached.

But in Trump-time, a day or so is so yesterday.  Noah Feldman suggests that Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate.

Noah Feldman is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and one of the Democrat impeachment witnesses. I can’t even imagine what he’s thinking now about all this!

At one point I might have tried to cast this as some grand scheme Nancy Pelosi has in mind but I’m now convinced that she really has lost control and is just trying to buy for time to see if there’s a way out of this mess.

The State of the Union

I’m boggled by this. Pelosi sent Trump an invitation to give the speech on February 4, 2020 and I’m even more boggled that the president said OKEY DOKEY. There’s no requirement that the SOTU must be given in speech form and could have just as well been delivered on Twitter.

The OK Symbol at the Army/Navy Game

From NBC News:

An internal investigation by the U.S. Military Academy found that the students were not flashing a white power symbol but were rather playing a game, popular with teenagers, called “the circle game,” in which a person makes a circle with their hands and holds it below their waist, in an effort to get another person to look, a West Point statement said Friday.

I don’t even want to think about this any longer. Can you imagine if one of those kids lost their dream to be in the military over this nonsense?

Did U.S. House Majority Whip James Clyburn say “HANG HIM?”

Here’s the transcript:

BERMAN: Why the delay, Congressman?

CLYBURN: Well, the delay is made necessary because the majority leader [Mitch McConnell] of the Senate has made it very clear that he’s not going to be impartial. He’s not going to be fair. He will collude, if you please, with the White House, at least the White House’s attorneys, to decide how he will go forward. Why would the speaker of the House step into that without trying to determine exactly what the majority leader plans to do?

So I applaud her for this. In fact, I was one of the ones arguing that this ought to be the case. And until we can get some assurances from the majority leader that he is going to allow for a fair and impartial trial to take place, we would be crazy to walk in there knowing he set up a kangaroo court.

BERMAN: How long are you willing to wait?

CLYBURN: As long as it takes. Even if he doesn’t come around to committing to a fair trial, keep those articles here. So keep it as long as it takes. If you know and he’s told you what he’s going to do, let’s give him a fair trial and hang him. It’s the reverse of that.

I’m going with the fact checkers who say “no.” On the other hand, what he did say is so convoluted I’m not entirely sure what he means. It took the fact checkers lots and lots of words to debunk “HANG HIM.” One other note is that it was a tweet from the campaign that got everyone riled up and not anything the president said.

Toxic Rage

Mitch McConnell used that term to refer to what we call “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” We’ll give ‘Cocaine Mitch’ a thumbs-up for that one.

JK Rowling Kerfuffle

A woman lost her job in England for saying there are only two sexes. The woman is Maya Forstater and she believes that a person’s sex is biologically immutable. As we have come to expect, this is all getting muddied by “no that’s not why she got fired” and so forth and so on but the more interesting point is what J.K. Rowling tweeted:

And, predictably, the woke Left (is there any other kind at this point?) went totally nutso wacko.

Personally, I would be just as happy if we never again heard terms like transgender, binary, cis, and so forth and so on but here we on. The fact that 5% of the population is able to drive so much conversation and cultural upheaval is really maddening. More annoying is that transgenders only make up 0.58%.

Since we have to speak of transgenders, one thing I didn’t know is that only 33 percent have surgically transitioned with the rest only “medically transitioned.” Amazingly (he says sarcastically), 72% of trans men will never surgically transition. My $0.02 is that these are very sick people and I hope they get whatever help they need to have a full and rich life. Just stay the hell away from me! I don’t need any of this kind of drama in my life, thank you very much!

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