Could Trump save America’s dying cities?

Or is it time to pull the plug?

Los Angeles Bubonic Plague

There is a must-read post over at SpectatorUS about the abysmal condition of American cities brought on by decades of progressive elitist rot.

Titled In 2020, Trump must save the cities author Michael Wolff makes a stark and desperate case that the Gleaming Alabaster Cities of a bygone America are quietly circling down the drain due to years of uninterrupted progressive mismanagement and outright abuse.

Some pull quotes from the post:

the progressive insurgency into big city government has birthed a kind of shadow nation, an interconnected confederacy that largely bypasses the Democratic party and is uninterested in what happens in Washington. These mayors don’t care about the quality of life in their cities. Their vision is national and global, as are their policies: plastic-bag bans and $15 minimum wage proposals float from one city to the next.

The left is always more bothered by distant injustice than messy local concerns. As 46-year-old Seattle city councilwoman Kshama Sawant told The Nation: ‘As socialists, we are also internationalists. To the core, it’s a recognition that capitalism is a global system. That’s why our links are not with Americans who are our bosses, but working people in India or Mexico or Brazil.’

Progressive local leaders busy themselves with PC abstractions as their cities fall apart. As San Francisco drowns in human feces, city government pushes through a law to change the term ‘convicted felon’ to ‘justice-involved person’.

the GOP’s message to urban dwellers should focus on the economy and record-low unemployment numbers for black and Hispanic Americans and champion the Trump administration’s creation of nearly 9,000 ‘Opportunity Zones’ — economically depressed areas where investors receive tax breaks. The Republicans also, she says, might remind voters that they are the party of law and order.

‘Look at what de Blasio is doing in New York. Look what they’re doing in LA, Portland, where you just have lawlessness. You don’t want to start a business in a community where there’s high crime and you know there’s no police presence. The Democrats are refusing to enforce the law and it has a spiraling effect for every aspect of society.’

You won’t find any 2020 Democrats wading through piles of garbage in West Baltimore, or visiting the tent cities they’ve allowed to fester. They don’t care. But what if President Trump took a cue from Ronald Reagan, completely flipped the party on its head, and tried to save the cities?

It’s a thoughtful and provocative read. And if the recent polls showing Trump’s approval in the black community in the mid-thirties the Democrats may just have their own home-grown Resistance to deal with at the polls next November.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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