Sondland & The Watergate Pivot

The seriousness of the charge

So the Donk/MSM pivot is to the Watergate Template.
The entire administration is corrupt and needs to be replaced: Trump, Pense, Pompeo, Barr, Giuliani – the whole Trumpian enchilada. It’s a “criminal enterprise” that uses “bribery & extortion”.
The goal, of course,  is to weaken the knees of enough GOP establishment senators behind closed doors that the Peechmint never makes it to the Senate – a Nixononian “come to Jesus” and resign squad from the Senate goes to Trump (& maybe Pence – but that may be a bridge too far even for the cowardly lions of the Senate) and presto-chango The Bad Orange Man is on a final helicopter ride outta the Rose Garden.
(Tin foil hat time: President Pelosi pledges to be caretaker until after the fall election. GOP goes with a NeverTrump type versus Biden or Warren.  I don’t think they would want to run against President Pence because of the direct backlash (support) he would get from pissed off Deplorables.)
Anyway – that’s where I think this is headed. It’s smart by the Donks.
If it’s a coin flip between spine and squish with the GOP establishment betting cave is always the smart call.
Look, the biggest take-away is the fact that Sonnie did the Heavy Lift the Donks needed – he gave the MSM the Unified Talking Points it needed to re-engineer The Narrative and gave the closeted NeverTrumpers  in the Senate a fig leaf under which they can move forward.

Everything else is noise.


The next round of polling done post-Sondland will be The Tell as to the success of the New Watergate meme.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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