Reminder: Vindman Is An America-Hating Obama Bot


Alexander Vindman Hates America

Leftists have spent the last few days desperately defending Lt. Col. Alexander “I Didn’t Spend 8 Years At Army School To Be Called Mister” Vindman from any and all attacks. They insist that Vindman is nothing less than a pure bred American hero. Yours truly has felt the “sting” of Leftist Vindman apologists.

Yes, Leftists are mad that anyone would dare to attack the heroic Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. The man who hides behind a cloak of self-righteous arrogance, demands that civilians use his rank, and wears his medals as a shield against any and all criticism.

The irony, of course, is that Vindman loathes the people who are defending him. Lt. Col. Jim Hickman is a man who claims to have served with Vindman in the Ukraine. Back in October Hickman posted a twitter thread that told Americans exactly the kind of man Alexander Vindman really is.

Alexander Vindman is a vile, arrogant deep state rat. Vindman repeatedly ignored the chain of command, spit on his oaths, and tarnished his medals because he is a hyper-partisan resister. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman sacrificed what little honor he had in a mad quest to get Orange Man Bad out of office.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a disgrace to everyone who ever donned a uniform to serve and protect this country.


Written by Radius

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