PU Predicts: Week 12 of the NCAA Football season

The Important Games are now beginning

Here we are, closing in on the end of the 2019 regular season. We must be living in a different universe because neither Clemson or Alabama are ranked in the #1 and #2 positions. LSU has usurped their reigns, at least for now.

LSU defeated Bama and Saban last week, setting the stage for the Georgia v Auburn game to take on greater importance this week.

Minnesota (yes, a different universe for sure) is ranked #7 after defeating Penn State in an incredible game last week, making Saturday just a wonderful day for football.

This week, we find out who is better, Oklahoma or Baylor.

Without further ado, on to the predictions.


No. 1 LSU (-21) at Ole Miss

LSU coach (and former Ole Miss coach) Ed Orgeron returns to Ole Miss for the first time with a #1 ranking. Ole Miss will pull out all of the stops to try and spoil the season of LSU’s. LSU must be ready to keep up the pressure and not let down after their victory over Alabama.

LSU wins and COVERS the spread.

No. 2 Ohio State (-51) at Rutgers

A 51 point spread? Whoever heard of such a thing!  Ohio State has to keep up with LSU, so they will step on the pedal.

Ohio State wins and COVERS the spread.

Wake Forest at No. 3 Clemson (-33)

Wake Forest comes into this game after a devastating defeat by Virginia Tech which dropped them out of the Top 25. Now, this is just another game where Clemson plays another unranked opponent and with similar outcomes.

Clemson must keep on the gas, just like Ohio State.

Clemson wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 4 Alabama (-21) at Mississippi State

Bama is in an unusual position after last week’s loss to LSU. They are on the outside, looking in towards a Playoff Berth. They must atone for last week’s performance and Mississippi is the unlucky team that faces them.

Alabama wins and COVERS the spread.

No. 5 Georgia (-3) at No. 13 Auburn

Finally, we get to a real game! Two SEC powerhouses go after one another, Auburn for bragging rights and Georgia to have any hope of getting into the Playoffs.

Last time Georgia went to Auburn, they were ranked #2 and got tortured 40-17 in a stunning loss. This time, Jake Fromm must take charge and lead the Bulldogs to victory.

Auburn’s defensive line must be ready to stop the Georgia running game to have any hope of winning. QB Bo Nix must continue to show improvement on the offensive end.

QB play for both teams will decide the game.

Auburn wins in an UPSET!


Arizona at No. 6 Oregon (-27)

Arizona goes to Oregon giving up an average of 47 points per game over the last four games, which were all losses. Oregon is now ranked #6 with its only loss being to Auburn. They remain in the Playoff hunt, waiting for a couple of teams to falter.

QB Justin Herbert cannot win the Heisman, but he can further raise his value to the NFL.

Oregon wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

No. 7 Minnesota at No. 23 Iowa (-3)

No one saw this at the start of the season, the Golden Gophers being 8-0 and ranked #7.  Will surprises never cease!

Minnesota goes into the game as an underdog, solely based upon it being a road game for them. Meanwhile, Iowa has lost at home only once this year, to Penn State, 17-12.

This is game two in a four game stretch for the Gophers that will define their season. Win here and then against Northwestern and the Gophers have the Big 10 West title. Keep winning, and they have a shot at a Playoff berth.

Minnesota wins in an UPSET.

UCLA at No. 8 Utah (-21)

This is only an interesting game because UCLA has been throwing up a lot of points in each of its last four games. Utah has held opponents to 10 points per game averages. So it is the UCLA offense versus the Utah defense.

Utah wins 38-24 but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

No. 24 Indiana at No. 9 Penn State (-14)

Indiana is another surprise team this year. They are now ranked for the first time in 25 years. Unfortunately, they have lost their star QB, Michael Penix Jr, for the season.

Penn State’s defense will be out to show that there are better than the 31 points they gave up to Minnesota.

Penn State wins and COVERS the spread.

No. 10 Oklahoma (-10) at No. 12 Baylor

Here is another defining game of the week. Now we find out just how good Oklahoma and Baylor are.

The winner of this game still has an outside chance at a Playoff spot, much better for Baylor if they can win out. Oklahoma’s defense must step up and stop the Bears offense, while Jaylen Hurts runs up the score.

Oklahoma wins and COVERS the spread.

No. 11 Florida (-7) at Missouri

Florida enters this game with hopes for a New Year’s Day bowl game. A Playoff berth is now out of the question with losses to both Alabama and Penn State.

Missouri has lost the last three games against quality opponents and continues to lose again.

Florida wins 31-14 and COVERS the spread.

Michigan State at No. 14 Michigan (-13.5)

Michigan State’s season is all about this one game now. Beat Michigan and the season is a success.

Michigan’s season now is all about beating Ohio State now. But they cannot let down for this game or else the Spartans could surprise.

The Spartans hang tough in the first half, but Michigan prevails in the end.

Michigan wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

No. 15 Wisconsin (-14.5) at Nebraska

Oh how the Badgers have fallen, and so fast at that. A team that was looking at a potential Playoff bid four weeks ago, is now playing for the Big 10 West title and a New Year’s Day game.

Nebraska had hopes for a good season, but those are gone like the Badgers Playoff hopes. The Husker defense is shot through with holes that cannot be adequately plugged.

Wisconsin wins and COVERS the spread.

No. 21 Navy at No. 16 Notre Dame (-9.5)

Here is another game that would have surprised everyone if predicted at the beginning of the season. Just like Army performed last season, Navy is doing it this season.

Navy has the top rated rushing offense in the country with 357 yards per game, using a triple option attack. Notre Dame gives up 160 rushing yards per game.

Watch for the quarterbacks to make the difference in this game. If Navy’s qb Malcolm has a good game and Ian Book has an average game, then Cadets could surprise.

Navy ends in an UPSET!

No. 17 Cincinnati (-14) at South Florida

Cincinnati continues in their bid to get the one Big 5 selection for a New Year’s Day game. They continue to win and they are the favorite for New Year’s Day, but Memphis is in their rear view charging hard.

South Florida has nothing to play for. They have no quality wins, and very few wins period.

Cincinnati wins 38-17 and COVERS the spread.

No. 18 Memphis (-10) at Houston

Memphis is neck and neck with Cincinnati for the New Year’s Day 6 trek, and they can keep that rolling with a victory against Houston. They must continue to win while waiting for Nov 29, when they meet Cincinnati for all the marbles.

Memphis wins 43-31 and COVERS the spread.

New Mexico at No. 19 Boise State (-28)

New Mexico goes into this game on a six game losing streak. Nothing changes except that in the end, it is a 7 game losing streak.

The only question to this game is whether Boise State covers the spread.

Boise State wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

No. 22 Texas at Iowa State (-7.5)

Texas came roaring back last week, knocking Kansas State back out of the Top 25. Now they go to Iowa State as 7 point underdogs.

Texas wins this one in an UPSET!

Kansas at No. 25 Oklahoma State (-18)

Kansas has been up and down each week, you never know which team is showing up. Oklahoma State is recovering, moving back into the Top 25.

Oklahoma State should win, but the 18 point spread appears a bit too much.

Oklahoma State wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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