A Note on Chick-Fil-A

No doubt you’ve seen:

OK. It’s nuts particularly since the Alphabet Gay Letters seems to be most concerned about the Salvation Army. Maybe one of these days they’ll notice that there are all these “bell ringers” outside every Walmart. Oops, probably shouldn’t have pointed that out.

The thing of it is that Chick-fil-A stores are operated by individual franchisees that have put some of their own money at risk along with a huge personal commitment. The money that’s going to the various charities, including the right wing Salvation Army, comes from their royalties.

Chick-fil-A does not allow franchisees to own multiple stores because they want their owners there each and every day. What that means is that many have everything tied up in their individual stores.

I’m pretty sure that they’re sick and tired of the whole thing and want to just sell chicken sandwiches.

If you happen to be one of those that the L-blah-blah-blah group wants to target, you are majorly screwed. Not only that, you may or may not agree with corporate’s donations.

One of the unusual aspects of Chick-fil-A is that Chick-fil-A owns all of its stores and has franchise operators instead of owners. That means that the franchisee doesn’t need to put up a great deal of money but, on the other hand, doesn’t actually own the store either. Regardless, it must be incredibly frustrated to deal with issues like these that are related to corporation actions for which they have no control.

Chick-fil-A allowed the L-blah-blah-blah to frame the conversation meaning there weren’t a lot of ways out without seeming to “cave.” What we’ve wound up is a lose-lose situation. Hopefully, the L-blah-blah-blah will head on down the street and annoy someone else.

And GLAAD’S response?

And now a voice of reason:

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