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Why You Should Care About Blizzard’s Censorship

Every freedom loving American should care.

Blizzard Entertainment has earned the dubious distinction of joining the NBA in standing with Chinese censorship. Yesterday, Blizzard announced that they had suspended professional Hearthstone player Blitzchung for his support of the Hong Kong protests.

Gamers, of course, were aghast that one of the largest gaming companies in the industry would take such an obvious stand against free speech. #Blizzardboycott trended on Twitter soon after Blizzard announced Blitzchung’s punishment.

So what? Why should non-gamers care what Blizzard does with the people who play their games? Aren’t they a private company that can do whatever they want?

I’m so glad you asked those questions. Twitter user Liam Mcloughlin put together a thread explaining exactly why “normies” should care about Blizzard cozying up to China.

In other words, China, through the company Tencent, is essentially using economic blackmail to spread its censorship and Communist ideals throughout the world. Tencent seems to be content enforcing its edicts with regard to Chinese matters for now, but what happens if they decide to start using access to lucrative Chinese markets to influence a company’s actions with regard to American matters?

That question should scare the hell out of ever freedom-loving American.

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