PU Presents The 12 Days of Corrupt Democratic Politicians

Senator Warren earns her place as Day 8 of Corrupt Democratic Politicians

On the 8th Day of Corruption, the Democrats gave to me………8 Elizabeth Warrens…….and an Indian tribe full of Cherokees.

Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is Day 8 of the 12 Days of Corrupt Democratic Politicians. To achieve this award, Warren needed a career filled with misrepresentations and lies where she has put herself over anyone else.

So what has the Fake Indian done?

Warren was born in Oklahoma City in 1949. She claims that when she was growing up, her family consistently told her about their Indian heritage. As well, the family had a photo of an ancestor with “high cheek bones” that “proved” the claim.

Warren added to her story, stating that her parents had to elope to get married because her father’s side of the family did not like that her mother had Indian blood in her. Per Warren, discrimination against Indians was very common at time.

I call b.s. on this story. I was born and raised till the age of 10 in Oklahoma, and had a grandparent who was one half Creek Indian and another grandparent with Indian blood also. Never did I hear anyone in the family, even years later, claim any type of discrimination. Nor did I hear of any type of emphasis on Indian heritage from anyone other than those that were still actively involved with the Indian Nations and Reservations.

Before Oklahoma became a state, it was part of the Indian Territory and identified by the government in that way. People with Indian blood were everywhere. It was so common that people did not even think about it. It was no different than being Irish or Italian. Nor did it offer any advantages or disadvantages.

But I digress………

In the 1970’s, it became popular to claim different ethnicities to get a “one up” on other people. Claim Native American or some other minority and you would be “awarded” more consideration for jobs, scholarships, you name it. And that practice continues today.

Warren began claiming her Native American status sometime in the 1980’s, first with law school administrations and then the Texas Bar and later with applications for employment with universities and later, with other agencies.

Though denied by Warren’s friends and co workers that there was no favoritism, there is no reason to NOT believe that it is true.

Since the story broke, Warren has faced criticism about her claims. To put down the criticism, she had a DNA test showing that she had about 1024th Native American DNA. Of course, Native American could be a number of different ethnicities, not just Indian. She has gone on to apologize for her claims, but in an indifferent manner. Most often, she just tries to hide from the truth.

Warren compounded her Indian claims by contributing to a recipe book titled “Pow Wow Chow.” To reflect upon her “honest injun” claims, some of the recipes she contributed were taken from other cookbooks. They were not her own.

Honest Injun indeed.


Honest Injun and the Teaching Profession

Honest Injun Warren is also “truth challenged” when it comes to her story about leaving the teaching profession. Warren has claimed that she was terminated from a teaching position after getting pregnant in 1970. She wrote this in her 2014 book, “A Fighting Chance.”

The problem for Warren is that this version contradicts what she said in 2007 at UC Berkeley.

“I was married at nineteen and graduated from college after I’d married, and my first year post-graduation I worked in a public school system with the children with disabilities. I did that for a year, and then that summer I didn’t have the education courses, so I was on an ‘emergency certificate,’ it was called. I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me.’ I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?’ My husband’s view of it was, ‘Stay home. We have children, we’ll have more children, you’ll love this.’ And I was very restless about it.”

Honest Injun Warren has also utilized baby related stories to further advance her image. She described herself to be the “first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar Exam.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing available to confirm or deny this claim, but since women first started taking the New Jersey Bar Exam in 1895, it is dubious to believe, especially with Warren’s history of taking liberties with the truth.



Honest Injun Warren has been a huge critic of the banks. She has taken them on, challenging their lending practices that led to the Housing Crisis of 2008 and all of the foreclosures that occurred.

Honest Injun also wrote a book in 2006 with her daughter Amelia. In “All Your Worth” Warren states that it is a myth that a person can make big money by engaging in home flipping. However, her words do not match her deeds.

In the 1990’s, Warren engaged in house flipping at least 5 times, making big bucks. In one instance, she “purchased” a home that was in very good condition from an elderly grandmother for $30,000. Five months later, she flipped that home for $115,000.

There are questions raised by the family of the grandmother about the purchase price that Warren. They cannot understand how the price was arrived at. And Warren is not talking.

The Honest Injun strikes again.


Honest Injun at Harvard

Eventually, Honest Injun Warren found herself on the faculty at Harvard University. Again, the question of her Indian “status” arises and whether she used that to become a faculty member.

Before going to Harvard, Warren was on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania as a minority faculty member. At Harvard, Honest Injun was listed as a minority in a legal directory associated with the hiring committee. After hiring, Harvard listed her as its “first woman of color.” (Color of white?)

When Warren joined Harvard, major universities were under extreme measure to diversify so that there were representative faculties similar to the country as a whole. More women hires was a constant refrain and if the person was a woman of color or a minority group, the more boxes that could be checked.

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination was particularly aggressive in its pursuit of discrimination bias. It had found probable cause against Harvard in the case of Clare Dalton, finding bias when Harvard denied her tenure. Hiring Warren and others would go a long way to proving that Harvard had improved their hiring practices.

Warren was held in high regard while at Harvard. Enough so that she was paid $429,981 for the year 2010-2011 for teaching only one class.

Warren also engaged in the practice of law while at Harvard. She was a noted bankruptcy representing corporations like Travelers Insurance who filed bankruptcy. There was only one problem with this. Warren was not licensed in Massachusetts, and never had been.

The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Responsibility 5.5 (b) sets out the basic prohibition on practicing law in Massachusetts without a Massachusetts license:

(b) A lawyer who is not admitted to practice in this jurisdiction shall not:

(1) except as authorized by these Rules or other law, establish an office or other systematic and continuous presence in this jurisdiction for the practice of law; or

(2) hold out to the public or otherwise represent that the lawyer is admitted to practice law in this jurisdiction.

So Warren’s Cambridge Law Office would indicate that Warren was in fact practicing law while not licensed in Massachusetts.


Honest Injun and the CFPB

During the early years of the Housing and Financial Crisis, Warren was an  outspoken advocate of increasing the powers of the federal government to regulate anything dealing with the financial world and consumers. It was her plan to create a new agency that would oversee the financial world in the US.

In 2010, with the support and advocacy of Warren, the Dodd Frank Act was passed, setting up the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. When passed, it was Warren’s hope and desire that she would be named the head of the CFPB.

Dodd Frank invested in the CFPB an enormous amount of power in the position of the Director of the CFPB. The power is so vast that the Director is only second to the amount of power held by the President. In the area of Consumer Protection, the Director is more powerful that the President.

When Richard Cordray was named Director of the CFPB, Warren felt betrayed. She wanted to be named Director where she would control essentially the entire financial industry, banking, insurance, and consumer protection. As Director, she would have had the total power and control that she craves to enforce her beliefs on anyone and everyone.

Now, the Honest Injun has set her sights on the position of President of the United States. In that position, she would have at her disposal the power and control over the entire country that she so worships.

The Honest Injun is promoting Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, Free College and other progressive plans. These plans would cost trillions of dollars, but Warren refuses to talk about that.

For example, with Medicare for All, Warren states that people will save thousands of dollars on health costs by the implementation. But ask her about how it will be paid for, by raising taxes drastically, and she evades answering the question.

Honest Injun does not want to admit that she will be taxing the middle class far worse than they could ever believe. Just another example of how she lies and deceives.

Congratulations Senator Honest Injun Warren! You are Day 8 in the 12 Days of Corrupt Democratic Politicians!

May you NEVER get the power you so shamelessly crave!


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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