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PU Predicts Week 8 of NCAA Football’s Top 25

PU keeps showing why he is the best

Week 8 is upon us in NCAA Football world. Last week saw a good slate of games with Oklahoma defeating Texas and Georgia performing THE BIG CHOKE!

This week, we are not as lucky. There are no really important games on tap. So let’s cut the bs and get on with the picks.


Tennessee at No. 1 Alabama (-34.5)

Count Tua Tagovailoa out of the running for the Heisman and Bama out of the playoffs. Why? Because Tua threw his first interception of the year.

Tennessee? Not even a bump in the road for Bama.

Alabama wins but FAILS TO COVERS the spread.


No. 2 LSU (-19) at Mississippi State

Yes, LSU is for real. Joe Burrow is making his case for the Heisman. And the air game of LSU is something they should have done years ago.

LSU wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 3 Clemson (-24) at Louisville

Trevor Lawrence finally had a game that was near his performance in last year’s national title game.  This week? We wait to see which Trevor shows up, though it will only matter as to what the final outcome will be.

Though the Cards have averaged 51.5 points over its last two games, neither team has the quality of play that would suggest Louisville could upset the Tigers. But they can keep the game from being a total blowout.

Clemson wins 42-21 but FAILS TO COVER the spread.


No. 4 Ohio State (-28) at Northwestern

Ohio State goes to Northwestern this week, after destroying Michigan State in its last game.  Both offense and defense are well balanced for this national title contender.

The Buckeyes must take care to not let down this week by looking forward to the following week against Wisconsin.  But even with a let down, Northwestern still cannot win.

Ohio State once again wins and COVERS the spread.


West Virginia at No. 5 Oklahoma (-33.5)

The Sooners finally have a defense worthy of praise. They kept a very tough Texas team in check last week and enabled OU to win even though Jaylen Hurts was not at his best.

West Virginia goes into the game with QB Austin Kendall status in doubt. If Kendall can play, West Virginia can beat the spread. If not, OU covers.

Oklahoma wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.


No. 6 Wisconsin (-31) at Illinois

Wisconsin has proven it is for real with another shutout, this time against Michigan State.  That is four for the year, and in all six games, no one has scored more than 15 points.

Illinois offers nothing to stop the Badgers. The only question to ask is if Wisconsin gets a 5th shutoff.

Wisconsin wins and COVERS the spread. But, they do allow 7 points this week.


No. 16 Michigan at No. 7 Penn State (-8.5)

Finally, an interesting game is on tap. Michigan goes to Penn State as 8.5 point underdogs.

Michigan has not had a real good year. Yes, they have won, but they have not been impressive. A loss to Penn State and then Ohio State, and Harbaugh is likely on the unemployment line.

Penn State is fighting to get into the Top 4 for a chance at the National Title. But they need this win to stay in the running and to also contend for even the conference championship.

Penn State wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.


No. 8 Notre Dame – Bye Week

After barely surviving USC, Notre Dame takes a much needed week off.  Next week, they get Michigan, a game that is not looking too important in the Playoff scenario.

With the loss to Georgia, and with Michigan being the strongest team left for Notre Dame to play, they must win out and get a ton of help to have any chance of getting into the Top 4.


No. 9 Florida (-5.5) at South Carolina

Florida returns to the #9 position after a tough loss to LSU. Kyle Trask gave all he could give as the Gators kept things together for 3 quarters before being outmanned by LSU.

South Carolina surprised Georgia in an upset, indicating that the Gamecocks are on their way back after a few off years.

Florida and South Carolina usually have close games when played in Columbia. Expect the same this time.

Florida wins and COVERS the spread.


Kentucky at No. 10 Georgia (-25)

Georgia’s season and National Title hopes took a major dump last week in a shocking loss to South Carolina.  Kicker Rodrigo Blankenship ruined his perfect record with not one, but two missed field goals. QB Jake Fromm tossed three interceptions after being perfect up to the game.

Expect Georgia to rebound from their crappy play against South Carolina. They must, if they are to have any chance of a Playoff berth.

Georgia wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 11 Auburn (-19) at Arkansas

Auburn faces the same challenges as does Georgia, they must win out all the way to the SEC title game. But to do that, they must defeat LSU, Georgia and Bama.  Color them finished for national title hopes.

Time to work on QB Bo Nix and start prepping him for next year’s campaign. Arkansas? They just hope to stay in the game.

Auburn wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 12 Oregon (-3) at No. 25 Washington

Oregon begins the second half of the season where they want to be, on the inside track for the PAC 12 North title. Their offense came of age last week against Colorado, joining the defense as a good solid unit. With Washington this week, the hard part of their schedule is over until the PAC 12 Title game.

Washington entertains Oregon as 3 point underdogs. But this is not the Washington of last year.  They just don’t have enough tools to take on Oregon.

Oregon wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 17 Arizona State at No. 13 Utah (-13.5)

As big as the Oregon v Washington game is for the North, Arizona State v Utah is just as big for the South. The winner has the inside track for the South title.

On paper, Utah is the favorite, but the Sun Devils cannot be counted out. PU goes out on a limb.

Arizona State wins in an UPSET!.


No. 14 Boise State (-7) at BYU

Boise State wants to continue its unbeaten season with a victory over BYU and a shot at the Cotton Bowl. But they go into this game shorthanded with QB Hank Bachmeier a question mark after an injury against Hawaii last week. The good news is that backups Chase Cord and Jaylon Henderson should be able to pick up the slack.

BYU lost badly last week against South Florida. It happens again this week.

Boise State wins and COVERS the spread.


Kansas at No. 15 Texas (-21.5)

Texas…..such great hopes to start the season. But LSU and Oklahoma have derailed all hope for a national championship. The Longhorns do have another shot at OU in the Big 12 Title game, if they can win out, but there would be no national title hopes.

Kansas has had a week to prepare for Texas. Expect them to throw a few surprises at Texas, but Ehrlinger and company handle it all.

Texas wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 18 Baylor at Oklahoma State (-3)

Surprising Baylor keeps inching its way up the ranking, and now they take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Though they still have a tough schedule, Baylor could with a bit of luck be at 9-0 when the Sooners come to visit on Nov 16.

From 1-11 in 2017, to now, this is a team that bears watching the next couple of years.

State has not been as strong in previous years. They have split 1-1 versus ranked teams this year. Can they get another win?

State spoils Baylor’s year and hopes for something big.

Oklahoma State wins and COVERS the spread.


Temple at No. 19 SMU (-7.5)

SMU spent last week at #19 solely because they had a bye week. Now they entertain Temple at home as 7.5 points favorites.

Temple upset Memphis last week, ruining their undefeated season. Now they come calling with a chance to dump on SMU.

This game will be about SMU and their passing game versus the Temple passing defense.

Temple wins in an UPSET.


No. 20 Minnesota (-28.5) at Rutgers

Surprise, surprise surprise!   The rodents are on a roll!

Minnesota is now 6-0 for the first time since 2003. This after trashing Nebraska 34-7 last week.

Rutgers remains the doormat which teams wipe their cleats on weekly. This week is no different.

Minnesota wins and COVERS the spread.


Tulsa at No. 21 Cincinnati (-17)

The Bearcats finally got it together after their early season loss to Ohio State. They have since gone undefeated and look to continue against Tulsa. If they keep winning, a New Year’s Day bowl may be looming in their future.

Tulsa lost to a week Navy last week by 28 points. They have nothing to show against the Bearcats.

Cincinnati wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 22 Missouri (-21.5) at Vanderbilt

Missouri began the season with a loss to Wyoming, but have since rebounded. They have won five straight with Ole Miss being the latest victim. Unfortunately, Missouri is not bowl eligible, so they play for bragging rights.  (Missouri has appealed their one year ban, but it is not too likely that they will win the appeal.)

Vanderbilt has lost time and again to the SEC powers, and Saturday will be no different.

Missouri wins 34-14 and COVERS the spread.


Purdue at No. 23 Iowa (-18.5)

Iowa was another team with high hopes for season, actually playing for a conference title was not out of the question. But those hopes have evaporated like the rain on a hot day.

Iowa has lost their two biggest games of the season.  First it was Michigan and then Penn State.  But they must wait until Nov 9 for their next total whooping by Wisconsin.

Purdue comes to town having a down season. QB Jake Plummer had a very good performance in his last game but needs to repeat and more to have any hope of an upset this week.

Iowa wins and COVERS the spread.


UL-Monroe at No. 24 Appalachian State (-14.5)

Here is a game that has appeal only to graduates of either team. There is just nothing shaking with either team.

Frankly, I just can’t say a thing about either team, except to yawn.

Appalachian State wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

I ran this week’s picks by my one fan, Gigi. She approved so much she wagged her tail in excitement.  Hopefully, my picks will be just as exciting.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the games.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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