PU Predicts! It’s PU v Gigi for Week 10 of NCAA Football

Gigi battles PU to see who is better at predicting NCAA games

You asked for it….and you got it!  PU versus Gigi in the “Predict Off” of the 2019 season! Now we find out who is the best at predicting the NCAA Top 25 game winners!

Pu is using his normally successful techniques to make his predictions. Gigi has her own method for predicting that she is waiting to reveal!

So with this, let’s start the competition!


No. 1 LSU –Bye Week

LSU had another tough game this week, beating Auburn by 3 points, in a defensive, grind it out struggle. Now the bye week comes to rest up for the Nov 9 game against Alabama.

Gigi –  It was no surprise that this game would be tight, but LSU would win. Both are Tigers will to fight to the death. It was just that the Auburn Tigers were on unfamiliar ground and the LSU Tigers knew how to attack and defend there.


No. 2 Alabama- Bye Week

Bama had no problem rolling over Arkansas without the services of Tua Tagovailoa, but Mac Jones is no Tua. Now, the Crimson Tide takes on LSU in two weeks, so that give Tua time to recover.

Gigi –  The Arkansas game was another no brainer to call. Razorbacks just can’t handle a Tide that is relentless and always rolling in.


No. 3 Ohio State – Bye Week

The game against Wisconsin was an absolute surprise. Wisconsin’s defense was expected to give Ohio State a real challenge, but the only challenge for the Buckeyes was who would get the ball next.

Now Ohio State gets a week off before they begin a march to the playoffs.

Gigi – Come on Daddy! You should know better!  Badgers are fruit and nut eaters, yes. But give them enough Buckeye nuts to eat, and they go to sleep. That is what happened to Wisconsin.


Wofford vs. No. 4 Clemson (-47.5)

 Clemson’s weak conference and strength of schedule has hurt them in the polls. Add in Trevor Lawrence’s play, though last week he had the best game of his season, and it is a recipe to drop in the polls.

This week, Clemson goes against Wofford, another team that one must question as to their NCAA Division One status. Clemson wins with no problem.

Clemson wins and COVERS the spread.

Gigi – “Okay Daddy, you know that I am one half Yorkie Terrier, but I don’t let that color my thinking.” Terriers just cannot complete with Tigers, so Clemson wins. But my cousins will fight so that the loss is not as bad as you predict.

Clemson wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.


No. 5 Penn State – Bye Week

It is as if the schedule makers had a crystal ball and could see who the Top 5 teams would be at this point in the season. Penn State has the bye week to prepare for their own title run, opposing Ohio State in the conference.

Next up is undefeated Minnesota for Penn State. This game will tell us if the Gophers are for real.

Gigi –  Last week was no surprise. Though Sparta and Spartans were tough, and those at Sparta Report the toughest of them all, a pride of lions is  almost unbeatable as Penn State proved last week.


No. 6 Florida vs. No. 8 Georgia (-6)

Now we get to the game of the week. Both Florida and Georgia have one loss apiece and now go at it in Georgia. The winner is the favorite in the division for the rest of the season. Each team needs the win to keep the playoff hopes alive.

Florida gets back top pass-rushers Jon Greenard and Jabari Zuniga and receiver Kadarius Toney for this all important game. Greenard and Zuniga must keep the pressure on Jake Fromm while stopping the running game.

Fromm must step up his game against the Gators. He needs to pass to allow the Georgia running game to dominate against Florida, which has given up 435 rushing yards in the last two games.

Give this game to Georgia.

Gigi – “Daddy, you are over thinking this game. Keep it simple.”

Georgia’s are “bulldogs”, which can be a semi-tough dog, but really doesn’t scare anyone. Florida’s are “gators” which not only beats up on critters, but will eat bulldogs alive.

Florida wins and UPSETS Georgia.



No. 7 Oregon (-4.5) at USC 

Oregon needs to keep on winning to have any shot at the playoffs. Even then, they will need help.

The Trojans need the win just to keep in the PAC South and Roses running. They had a big upset of Utah, but that is not enough.

Oregon wins 34-21 and COVERS the spread.

Gigi – We both agree on this one. Oregon is just too tough this year. Plus the uniforms of the Ducks are just so ugly, that puke green, they will blind the Trojans to where the ball is.


No. 9 Utah at Washington (+3)

Utah is looking good since their one defeat to USC. Now they travel to Washington in a game that could offer the Utes a signature win to continue in the playoff hunt.

Washington has three conference losses, so they are regulated to the role of spoiler in the Run to the Roses.

Though Utah is favored to win, the game is really a tossup. Give it to Washington in an UPSET.

Gigi – Okay Daddy, we have to differ on this game. The Huskies are a bunch of dogs who perform their best in cold and rainy/snowy weather. Saturday’s weather is to be 55 degrees and mostly sunny.

Utah is the Utes, Indians, who are tough in a fight. Put them in this game, in this weather, and they cannot be beat.

Utah wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 10 Oklahoma – Bye Week

Last Saturday, Oklahoma lost the game to Kansas State, and in doing so, probably their hopes for a Playoff position. Jaylen Hurt may have also had his Heisman hopes dashed at the same time.

The Sooners need this bye week to rest and recoup.

Gigi – What does anyone expect with the Sooner’s when they can’t even drive the Sooner Schooner without crashing? 


Ole Miss at No. 11 Auburn (-19) 

Auburn came up short last week against LSU, but it was a well played game on both sides of the balls. QB Bo Nix learned a lot in this game that will provide good experience for the rest of the season and years going forward.

Ole Miss goes into this game with a 3 -5 record. The only good news for them is that they have held all teams except Bama to 11 points or less.

Auburn gets back on track for a New Year’s Day Bowl game with a win over Ole Miss.

Auburn wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

Gigi – Alright Daddy, we agree that Auburn will win this game. But that is where it ends.

Tigers are far tougher than are Rebel Confederate football players. The Tigers will eat them alive.

Auburn wins and COVERS the spread.


West Virginia at No.12 Baylor (-17.5)

The Baylor Bears are one of the surprise teams of the 2019 season. They currently sit alone atop the Big 12, at least until Baylor meets Oklahoma.

West Virginia goes into this game having lost their last three games. This week, it gets no better. The only good news is that West Virginia keeps it closer than in previous week’s games.

Gigi – West Virginia calls themselves the Mountaineers, a rugged type of man. Baylor are the Bears, and mad bears always beat mountaineers.

Baylor wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 13 Minnesota – Bye Week

In the other surprise team of the season, Minnesota goes into the bye week with a 7-0 record. They lead the Big 10 West, but have on tap Penn State, Iowa and Wisconsin to go.

To go undefeated in those three games is unrealistic thinking. Expect the Golden Gophers to lose at least two games.

Gigi – There is nothing Golden about the Golden Gophers. They are rodents and nothing more. I chase them in the back yard and they run and hide!  If they are afraid to stand up to me, what chance do they have against real football teams?


No. 14 Michigan at Maryland (+19)

 Michigan saved Harbaugh’s job once again, at least until Michigan takes on Ohio State next month. The Wolverines had a decisive win against Notre Dame, and now get the Terrapins team that has nothing to prevent another whooping.

Michigan needs good quality play before going against Michigan State and then Ohio State. This games gives Michigan some time to work on areas that they will need to perform to win against either State.

Michigan wins and COVERS the spread.

Gigi – What the hell is a Terrapin anyway? A turtle?  Then call it a turtle!

Any team who calls itself a turtle cannot win against a real football team. Michigan wins big.


No. 15 SMU at No. 24 Memphis (-6) 

This is an interesting game of AAC ranked teams. Each is having seasons which were unexpected. Memphis barely escaped Tulsa last week, and now get SMU coming to town.

If Memphis can win, then the AAC title is up for grabs. If SMU wins, they pretty much have a lock on the title.

Expect a wide open and high scoring game.

Memphis wins 45-38 and COVERS the spread.

 Gigi – Normally, I would say that Memphis being the Tiger’s would win. But this SMU team is something special. These Mustangs run wild and long, and when challenged kick up their rear legs and heels like “Heels Up Harris on a Saturday night.

SMU wins 45-38 in an UPSET!


Virginia Tech at No. 16 Notre Dame (-17.5)

Poor Notre Dame. Once again, they show themselves to be a paper tiger. Even a weak Michigan team beat them badly last week. Now, the Hokies come to visit.

The Hokies come into town having won their last three games. Their running game has kept them winning, but it depends on how much of a let-down the Fighting Irish have after last week’s loss.

Notre Dame wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.


Gigi –  A “Hokie?” Really? Couldn’t Virginia Tech (fixed per 804 Hokie us demand) come up with a better mascot?  (That is all he had to complain about? Must be a Democrat if that is all he can come up with…….snicker)

The Hokie is a bird that has evolved from the turkey. A turkey mind you!  Well, thinking about it, Virginia Tech probably has the right nickname. After all, they have played like turkeys the last couple of seasons.

Notre Dame wins and COVERS the spread.


No. 17 Cincinnati at East Carolina (+23)

Cincinnati continues to fight for the one spot that the Group of Five conferences are guaranteed for New Year’s Day bowl games. To get there, Cincinnati must continue to win and hope the competition loses.

The bye week proved good for the Bearcat’s hopes when UCF beat Temple, leaving them alone at the top of the AAC East.  East Carolina is not even a pot hole in the road this week.

Cincinnati wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

 Gigi –  “Daddy, there is a cat outside I need to chase.” “Not yet Gigi, we have to finish this.”

“Okay Daddy. Well, East Carolina are pirates, but they don’t do well in the modern age. Cincinnati are the Bear Cats, and they all drive around in Bearcat vehicles. So Cincinnati wins and COVERS the spread.

“That cat is still out there!”


No. 18 Wisconsin –Bye Week

For Wisconsin, the bye week was needed a week ago. After getting manhandled by Michigan, it is time to take a rest and recoup and then figure out what went wrong.

“Gigi? Gigi? Pay attention!”

Gigi – “Oh, okay.” Last week was expected. Wolverines can always beat up badgers. So no surprise with the outcome of the game.


No. 19 Iowa – Bye Week

Another bye week for a Top 20 team, the Hawkeyes go into the week without a signature win on their resume. Now, they play the spoiler when going against Wisconsin and Minnesota. And if they win both, they can still play for the Big 10 title, but is a long shot.

“Gigi, quit staring out the window and do this!”

Gigi –  “How much longer? This is boring now. Okay”

Iowa needs to mimic Hawkeye in the Marvel MCU. Take his bow and shoot both Wisconsin and Minnesota players. That is the only way that they will be able to compete with either team.


Georgia Southern at No. 20 Appalachian State (-16.5)

Appalachian State continues with their unbeaten record and Georgia Southern will not take it away. If State continues, they could be the first Sun Belt team to play in a New Year’s Bowl game, provided things break right for them. That means beating South Carolina later in November.

State’s defense, a question mark at the beginning of the season, has jelled into a capable unit, giving up only 17 points in three games.

Georgia Southern has three straight wins coming into this game, but does not have the team to deny State the win.

Appalachian State wins but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

Gigi – I agree with this. State wins but not by as much as one would think.



No. 21 Boise State at San Jose State (+17)

Boise State lost last week to BYU in a game that should not have come as much of a surprise. BYU always plays State tough, and the chance to end Boise State’s undefeated season was a challenge that was too much to pass on.

Now, Boise goes to San Jose State to try and get back on track again against a Spartan team that has played some good ball at times. If Boise State can recapture the magic, they still have a chance for an appearance in the Cotton Bowl. The Spartans pay the price for Boise State’s loss last week.

Boise State wins 40-19 and COVERS the spread.

Gigi – You and I agree on the outcome of this game. “Now can I go play?”


No. 22 Kansas State at Kansas (+5.5)

Kansas State returns to the Top 25 after shocking Oklahoma and just about ruining any hope they might have to get in the playoffs. While State was beating OU, Kansas was defeating Texas Tech. Now the rivals meet each other.

Kansas does not have the firepower to stop State.

Kansas State wins and COVERS the spread.


Gigi – “There is a squirrel in the back yard. I have to go get it. Hurry up.”

Have to agree with this call also. State is too tough.



N.C. State at No. 23 Wake Forest (-7.5)

Wake Forest continues its amazing run, but is missing leading tackler Justin Stmad for the rest of the season due to injury. Even without Stmad, the Deacons are just too much for State.

Wake Forest wins 31-24 but FAILS TO COVER the spread.

“Gigi? Gigi? Where are you?”

Gigi – …….


No. 25 San Diego State – Bye Week

“Oh well, Gigi is gone squirrel chasing…..guess I have to finish this alone.”

San Diego State gets a bye week, well deserved after the Running Rebels of UNLV gave them a real scare in the final few seconds. The Aztecs remain atop the West Division of the Mountain West Conference.

After the bye, SDS must play at home, Nevada and Fresno State, which winning both guarantees them a shot at the conference title.

Well, that is everything for this week. We shall see who was better at picking the winners, Gigi or me.  Better go out now and see what she is barking at. If the turkeys are out back, she will never come back in until they go.

Have fun watching the games this weekend!


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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