Leftists Practically Beg Michelle Obama To Run

Mooch ain’t runnin….

There’s been a lot of buzz this election cycle over whether or not Michelle Obama would run for president. The Left has been looking for a candidate that can capture that same spark that Barack managed to tap into in 2008. Unfortunately, all the candidates thus far have proven to be liars, cheats, weirdos, or good old fashioned duds.

Michelle Obama Run Joe Biden
Wake up, Joe!

Michelle would likely tap into a lot of the same demographics that Barack did his first time out. You’d have the doe-eyed retard Resisters suffering under the tyranny of the Trumpenreich turning out in droves for her. Then you’ve got your blacks, your women, and your white people who don’t want to vote against the first black woman president because they’re so much more woke than that, dontcha know?

There’s even a new Boston Herald-Franklin Pierce University survey out that says Michelle Obama would end up being the Democrat front runner pretty much from the moment she announced.

The Boston Herald-Franklin Pierce University survey, released on Monday, indicated a three-way tie for the top spot in New Hampshire — with Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 25 percent support, former Vice President Joe Biden at 24 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 22 percent.

But, if Obama hypothetically jumped into the race, the poll suggested she would grab 26 percent support of likely Democratic primary voters in the Granite State, with Warren and Biden at 20 percent and Sanders at 15 percent.

Naturally, said poll was promoted by Fox News just a little bit. Shades of Paul Ryan perhaps?

Michelle Obama Paul Ryan
Could be?

Mooch has, of course, emphatically resisted any attempts to recruit her to run against President Trump in 2020. The most recent occasion was an interview with Amtrak magazine (who knew they had a magazine?) in which Michelle stated:

“There are so many ways to improve this country and build a better world, and I keep doing plenty of them, from working with young people to helping families lead healthier lives. But sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office will never be one of them. It’s just not for me.”

I’ve said on numerous occasions that Michelle Obama does want to run for president. She just doesn’t want to run for president against Donald Trump.

Despite all the talk of impeachment and Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine, President Trump’s position is as strong or stronger than any other incumbent going into the 2020 election season. Trump has no meaningful opposition from within his own party. Joe Walsh and whoever the hell else is LARPing as a Republican contender this week doesn’t count.

Four states have cancelled their Republican primaries because why bother when Trump is going to steamroll anyone else that even tries?

President Trump’s foreign policy successes have helped him at home as well. Despite a few early missteps, Trump has largely kept us out of foreign entanglements. We’re talking peace with North Korea, and Iran has stopped throwing stompy foot tantrums for the moment. Trump is in the process of keeping his campaign promise to end the cycle of war in the Middle East by pulling out of Syria. The fact that this pisses off the neocons and Leftists to no end is a bonus.

Michelle Obama Jeb Bush
Please clap…

Trump’s economy is redefining the definition of “gangbusters.” Unemployment is at historic lows across the board, and has stayed there for a good portion of President Trump’s first term. Manufacturing jobs in particular-the job’s Barack Obama said were never coming back-have grown. The stock market has largely grown at an exponential rate since President Trump took office. Americans have more money in their pockets, and it’s all thanks to President Trump’s economic policies.

There’s no way Michelle Obama wants to run against that. She can’t risk being the first black woman to run for president and lose to the likes of Nazi Orange Man Bad Drumpf.

Talk to her again in 2024.


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