Politico Flashback: Could Trump be Impeached shortly after he takes office?

The first time, not the second…

Democrat Impeachment Circle Jerk

I piled into the Way Back Machine with Mister Peabody and his pet boy Sherman the other day and landed in Politco-ville circa April 17, 2016 – a date that lives in infamy as it is the First Major Article by a, uh, respected news/opinion taste-maker publication to set the stage for the Peachmint of the Orange Hitler.

The linky is here but for a quick bite just read on:

Simply calling for Trump to be impeached would be a political wound to his presidency—a gut punch that in many ways echoes the kind of tactics he’s deployed on the 2016 campaign trail. But that would still be the easy part. The real hit would come as a majority of the GOP-led House votes in favor of impeaching a president from their own party.

Across the Capitol, attention turns to the Senate, where the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote for the action. That’s a threshold that has never been reached in U.S. presidential history: both of the two previous impeachment trials of chief executives to reach the Senate—Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999—fell short. (Richard Nixon resigned from office in 1974 before the full House had even voted on his impeachment.)

Leave it to Trump, however, to bring the Senate together. Democrats who recaptured their majority in November are unanimously in favor of ending his presidency. And with a sizable number of House Republicans already on record supporting impeachment, it isn’t so difficult to round up the 15 or so Senate Republicans who are likewise willing to make history and convict Trump.

And so, the billionaire-reality-TV-star is out of his new job. He retreats to his namesake tower in Manhattan, leaving Washington to pick up the pieces—and reckon with the angry but loyal minority of Trump loyalists they’ve just disenfranchised.

Remember Spartans, this is April, 2016. The Trumpster isn’t even The Nominee yet and never mind that Hillary the Inevitable is just setting sail in what should be an iceberg-free maiden voyage to Madame President’s White House.

Yeah, it’s been that long since we’ve been dealing with this crap.

Just for fun, check out Politico’s New Nightmare Scenario for The Smart Set posted the other day – October 21, 2019.:

The time is January 2021. The election has left the nation a psychological mess and a sulfurous cloud of election meddling by foreign hackers hangs over the still-contested results. Trump’s Ukraine scandal ultimately spared him but it wounded Joe Biden enough to give Elizabeth Warren the nomination. Once again, though, the result came down to the Electoral College, but even closer than in 2016. Warren, like Hillary Clinton four years earlier, took the popular vote by a resounding margin. But this mixed verdict has done nothing but further entrench the battle lines of a civil war that has become more than just a metaphor.

On January 20, Trump takes the oath of office, vowing in the shadow of the Capitol for the second time that he would “to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The scene is unlike anything before in the country’s history. What’s always been a high-security event takes on a militaristic tone, with Trump ordering U.S. troops onto the streets of Washington as a show of force to deter more riots. His family surrounds him, along with a loyal base of congressional Republicans who but for a few defectors hung on during his first four years and most notably voted to keep him in office and defeat impeachment. Democrats, still seething at Trump’s flagrant constitutional violations, boycott the event en masse, the first time in modern history this has happened. Their seats are given away in a lottery open to Trump supporters.

Something else is notable, too. The four living ex-presidents, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter join George W. Bush in a protocol-busting protest. They skip Trump’s inaugural ceremony and accept Carter’s invitation to hand out meals at a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter.

After the inaugural parade, which includes tanks for the first time in a half-century, the president goes into the White House, takes out a handwritten enemies list of people who work for him and makes Jared Kushner fire everyone on it

A good time will be had by all…

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