White Supremacy Vs White Supremacist

This exchange from Benjamin Watson reacting to Candice Owen’s testimony before Congress was, I thought, enlightening.

Benjamin Watson is a tight end for the Patriots. He gave a very inspiring talk at the Denver remote CPAC.

He has a very strong message on fatherhood particularly for the African-American community and is also a strong pro-life advocate.

What I still cannot relate to in any deep, meaningful way is how knowing the history of your ancestors should be allowed to affect a person in the present. I do not see how any good can come from looking at evil through a lens that says “see . . . this has happened as well in the 1800s and it’s what is holding me back today.”

Devoted readers of my efforts might also recall that I had a conversation with hip hop artist King Thi’sl on a similar topic. There was a Twitter thread where a person learned the name of a slave owner who had owned a distant relative. As I discussed in this article, I have a friend who was born in this country but has relatives in Croatia. He hates Serbians with a passion so I get it — intellectually.

This, in my view, is what has lead us to confusing “white supremacy” with “white supremacist.”

White supremacy is the concept that white people are inherently superior to all other races. As a certified bilagáana, that’s simply and obliviously not true. What is true is that I’m a proud American because we have defended our country and much of the world against other supremacists — regardless of their skin color.

Let me also say that I’m not offended if other cultures believe they a have better culture than the United States. For instance, if the Chinese, believe their culture is better than ours, that’s fine with me. Is that because they’re a different race? No, of course not. It has to with a ton of variables that have lead them to where they are today and if they would like to believe that they’re at a better societal place than we are, so be it.

Not too many years ago, Irish-Americans were hated by various groups as were Italian-Americans. Jewish-Americans have always had hate directed at them. Ethnic hating is a proud American tradition!

Who then hates African-Americans these days? No one in particular. There isn’t a single group of Americans you can point to who hate African-Americans.

Except . . .

White Supremacists.

And these are a tiny group of people that cling, bitterly no doubt, to the notion that the white race is superior to all other races. Where do you find White Supremacists? For the most part you can’t because they group together trying not to draw attention to themselves. These people are not a force in any way shape or form. And when they do get a little traction and they start to do illegal things, the Federal Government swoops in and arrests them — which is what should happen.

White Supremacists are more of a threat to law enforcement than African-Americans because that’s who are proactively trying to make sure they don’t do any harm to anyone.

What the rest of America is waiting for and hoping for is that African-Americans will begin to celebrate all of their accomplishments while anecdotally paying homage to their history rather than prefacing your accomplishments with “despite our slave heritage.”

Let me admit that if I look at the African-American culture, for the most part, I want nothing to do with it. I’m not a fan of the music, the dress, or  the speech patterns. But if you like the African-American culture, knock yourself out. And if you’d like to be my friend, I’m more than happy to be yours.

However, let me also tell you that if you walk around with your pants hanging below your butt to show off your underwear, I don’t find that particularly appealing.  You’re free to do so but if you come to me looking for a job dressed that way, I’m not going to hire you and it has nothing to do with any artifacts of “white supremacy.”

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Site owner and bilagáana


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