Weak Debate Performance Signals Kamala Harris is in Trouble

Another one bites the dust?

Kamala Harris was at one point the preferred candidate of the media and social justice warriors. However, she has generally been an unimpressive candidate, and has not been able to build and maintain a lead. Her one big moment, when she attacked Biden as a racist, spiked her poll numbers briefly, but then she fell back to earth and now she can’t get back up.

I think a lot of her supporters will jump ship to Warren:

Sen. Kamala Harris’ debate performance on Thursday failed to impress many of her party’s big-money donors who were on the fence about her candidacy.

Going into the Democratic primary debate in Houston, Harris’ closest supporters privately acknowledged that if the senator from California did not come out swinging against her opponents and clearly define her policies, wealthy donors could shy away from her campaign.

Many of them were hoping for a repeat of the aggressive tactics she used in the first debate, when she took on former Vice President Joe Biden for his willingness to work with segregationists as a senator in the 1970s.

Now these sources say that those uncommitted contributors are still not convinced they can dedicate their expansive networks to her cause alone.

One source close to a political fundraising powerhouse in California, Harris’ home state and a region where she’s dominated in the fundraising game, said Friday that they had been having trouble persuading their donors to back her candidacy before the debate. The negative opinion didn’t change after the debate.


Written by Doomberg

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