The Uneasy Alliance of the Democrats

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You don’t hear a lot about the Democrat civil war raging behind the scenes these days, because the partisan left wing media is doing everything it can to keep this “civil war” covered up. However, with the 2020 election looming, the stakes are high and the rancorous debates are starting to spill into the open:

In a closed-door meeting last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stunned lawmakers and aides with a swipe at Democratic staff on the House Judiciary Committee.

Pelosi criticized the panel’s handling of impeachment in harsh terms, complaining committee aides have advanced the push for ousting President Donald Trump far beyond where the House Democratic Caucus stands. Democrats simply don’t have the votes on the floor to impeach Trump, Pelosi said.

“And you can feel free to leak this,” Pelosi added, according to multiple people in the room. Pelosi’s office declined to comment on the meeting.

It was the latest sign of the widening schism between Pelosi and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, two longtime allies who are increasingly in conflict over where to guide the party at one of its most critical moments.

In my opinion, the Democrats are made up of three major factions. There is a Clintonite group of moderates (relatively speaking). These people made up the bulk of Hillary’s support and are currently backing Biden. There is a second faction of social justice warriors (SJWs) who are backing a multitude of candidates, but increasingly coalescing around Elizabeth Warren. Finally, there are the old-school socialists, who are backing Bernie.

The SJWs are by far the biggest problem, because they’re distinct from the old school socialists in who they are and how deeply they have penetrated American elite culture. First, who are they? This article in the Atlantic mentions in brief the results of a survey which gives a very good idea:

An extensive survey of American political opinion published last year by a nonprofit called More in Common found that a large majority of every group, including black Americans, thought “political correctness” was a problem. The only exception was a group identified as “progressive activists”—just 8 percent of the population, and likely to be white, well educated, and wealthy. Other polls found that white progressives were readier to embrace diversity and immigration, and to blame racism for the problems of minority groups, than black Americans were. The new progressivism was a limited, mainly elite phenomenon.

The Silicon Valley tech companies, or rather their employees and CEOs, are the archetypal examples of SJWs. They are young or middle aged, upper-middle class and rich, overwhelmingly white, and the product of our “elite” school system. They at first appear to be very socialist, but their policies are mostly centered around moral preening at the expense of the “lower” classes. The US media is essentially controlled by these people.

The Wall Street Journal recently did a very unflattering expose on Adam Neumann, the founder of WeWork, which drives home what social justice warriors are really all about:

When Mr. Neumann announced in July 2018 via video call from Israel that the company was banning meat, executives in New York were caught off guard. With little explanation from Mr. Neumann, a group huddled to determine a rationale—they settled on sustainability—and the mechanics of what would be banned and how.

They determined employees couldn’t expense meals with meat, but they could eat it in company offices, so long as the company didn’t pay. Former employees say they have since seen Mr. Neumann eat meat.

Social justice warriors want to ban your cars, but not theirs. They want to ban you from eating meat, but keep eating steaks themselves. They want to tax you for anything that produces carbon while zipping around the world in private jets.

This is why the SJWs are a distinct faction in comparison with Bernie’s followers. A lot of these SJW “socialists” are Wall Street tycoons who don’t want their companies regulated or government control of the means of production. This is why so many of them don’t like Bernie and his supporters; Bernie is just as likely as Trump is to crack down on them because Bernie is a real committed old-school socialist.

This is not to say Bernie is some kind of “good guy,” this just explains why these factions are at odds with each other. Neither of the two socialist factions likes the Clintonian moderates, who are basically indistinguishable from the non-Trump GOP on economic policy, and are just more socially liberal as a way to distinguish themselves from the GOP.

The reason Pelosi is becoming more aggressive about trying to shut down the Trump impeachment investigation is because the investigation appeals to no one except social justice warriors and die-hard #NeverTrumpers like Bill Kristol, who are obsessed with hating the president. The social justice warriors are a small percentage of the population, and they seem to really not understand or care that the rest of the country is concerned about things like jobs, the economy, healthcare, and immigration.

The Democrats are trying to make headway against Trump, but because of total SJW domination of media and cultural spaces (TV, Hollywood, the news media, and social media), Pelosi is having a very hard time redirecting the discussion back to things Americans actually are concerned about. Social justice warriors find these “commoner” concerns to be very unhip and uncool and boring; for them, things like pronoun wars and transgender bathrooms are far more interesting.

This quote from a Democrat congressmen speaks volumes:

Democratic Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline lamented a poll that indicates voters believe Congress mostly conducts investigations and little else. He blamed the media.

It is the media’s fault, but not the way he is thinking. He thinks the media is covering impeachment and ignoring all the other “wonderful” things the Democrats are doing. In fact, it is media generated hysteria and the media’s hatred for the president which is driving a lot of the impeachment craze, because the media is rewarding the most radical and rabid Democrats with the most favorable coverage.

Pelosi’s strategy is wrongheaded. If she wants the impeachment mania to stop, she has to go after the media and force them to back off on Trump. The constant, hysterical coverage of Trump is fueling his approval ratings, not harming them. It’s also drowning out the sane (by comparison) Democrats.

The interesting part is for the all sound and fury, all the college and media brainwashing, all of the corrupt money, and all of the astroturf protest marches, Biden is still comfortably in the driver’s seat in the Democrat primary In fact, Biden’s performance is actually improving:

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., continue to top the Democratic 2020 presidential field after last week’s debate — in a race for the nomination that breaks along ideological and racial lines, according to a national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday.

The survey also shows that Warren has the advantage in enthusiasm, and that she gets the most second-choice support.

Biden leads the overall horserace with backing from 31 percent of Democratic primary voters (up 5 points since July), while Warren gets 25 percent (up 6 points).


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