Support for Trump Remains Strong in Key 2020 Battleground Areas

Enduring strength

Democrats seem like they haven’t been able to make any inroads into the working class areas that Trump took from them in 2016:

When Donald Trump broke the hold of Democrats in Pennsylvania and parts of the industrial Midwest in 2016, credit went to many blue-collar, manufacturing-oriented counties that backed him by lopsided margins, drawn in part by his promise of economic renewal.

More than two years into Mr. Trump’s presidency, employment growth and other measures of economic robustness in these politically important counties have lagged behind the national trend, a Wall Street Journal analysis shows.

And yet, Mr. Trump’s job-approval rating in the blue-collar counties has risen since he took office, polling shows. Together, the data suggest that even growth below the national rate could be enough to satisfy many voters that Mr. Trump has fulfilled his promises.

Mr. Trump’s job-approval rating in the blue-collar counties rose during his first two years in office. Some 49% of people approved of his job performance in 2019, Wall Street Journal/NBC News surveys found. That was steady from 2018 and up from 44% in 2017.

Democrats say they don’t expect to win a majority in the blue-collar counties, and in many cases they don’t need to.

Mark Brewer, former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, said his party doesn’t need to regain all the votes it has lost in Macomb County, for example, which backed Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

This article is pretty typical of a media piece about Trump supporters, spending all its time pointing out how Trump has “failed” these communities and marveling at Trump’s enduring support. Then they have a comment from a Democrat at the end reassuring the readers that the Democrats don’t really need to win many votes from these places anyway.

The reason the Democrats can’t and won’t win these places back is because the Democrat party doesn’t care about them and their issues, and these voters know it. The Democrats are busy running a campaign about banning meat, seizing guns, taking away gas powered cars, social justice, transgender bathrooms, and impeaching Trump. When the Democrats DO talk about the working class, the discussion centers around taking their jobs away.

Even if Trump had “failed” these communities (a premise which I don’t accept), at least he is talking to them and not reviling them as redneck racists or telling them that their jobs are evil and that destroying their livelihood is a good idea.

Of course, I don’t think that quote at the end of the article is boasting. I think the Democrats really have decided they don’t need the working class anymore and have decided to jettison them.


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