Psychotic Security Risk Gets His Press Pass Back

Brian Karem is no journalist…

Brian Karem Press Pass

Playboy’s White House correspondent (because yes, that’s a thing apparently) Brian Karem had his press pass suspended in mid-July. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham suspended Karem’s press pass after Karem accosted and threatened guests during a Rose Garden press conference.

The confrontation came to a head when Brian Karem infamously threatened former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka with physical violence.

Grisham had ordered Karem’s press pass suspended for 30 days, calling his behavior “unacceptable and disruptive.”

Naturally, Karem sued the Trump administration rather than admit he was at fault and accept the rather light punishment.

Yesterday, Obama appointed US District Judge Rudolph Contreras ruled that Grisham’s rationale for suspending Karem’s press pass was too vague. Judge Contreras ordered the White House to restore Brian Karem’s access, stating:

“White House events appear to vary greatly in character,” Contreras wrote in his opinion. “Thus, without any contextual guideposts, ‘professionalism,’ standing alone, remains too murky to provide fair notice here.”

Brian Karem started a confrontation with several people in the White House Rose Garden in the middle of a press conference. He escalated the situation to the point where the Secret Service was forced to intervene. Brian Karem threatened someone with physical violence in the White House Rose Garden.

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham let it be known that she was not happy with Judge Contreras’ decision.

Grisham later Tuesday issued a statement in which she said, “We disagree with the decision of the district court to issue an injunction that essentially gives free reign to members of the press to engage in unprofessional, disruptive conduct at the White House.

“Mr. Karem’s conduct, including threatening to escalate a verbal confrontation into a physical one to the point that a Secret Service agent intervened, clearly breached well-understood norms of professional conduct.”

Karem, of course, took a victory lap on Twitter on Tuesday, calling the decision a “win for free speech.”

Judge Contreras has made it abundantly clear that reporters can behave however they wish when they are in the White House. Reporters can yell, scream, and pitch a fit all they want when they don’t get their way. Hell, a reporter can literally threaten someone, an act that would land you or me in jail.

A reporter can do all of the above, and more, without facing any consequences whatsoever.

Brian Karem is a dangerous, unhinged individual who has absolutely no place inside the White House. Regardless of who the president happens to be.

The fact that an Obama-appointed judge has deemed Karem’s psychotic behavior acceptable is an absolute disgrace. Brian Karem is everything that a reporter should not be, and is exactly the kind of person we talk about when we disparage fake news.

Enemy of the people indeed.


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