President Warren is a terrifying prospect

A Female Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gestures as a parrot, wearing Chavez's traditional red beret, sits on his shoulder during the march in support him in Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday, Oct 13, 2002. A cuban flag waves behind.A defiant Chavez rejected demands that he resign or call early elections as he rallied thousands celebrating his dramatic return to power after a coup six months ago.(AP Photo/Fernando LLano)

According to this article from the New York Post, Elizabeth Warren is inching her way toward overtaking Bloodshot Biden heading into primary season:

Biden’s weaknesses are so blatant that the party’s top propaganda outlets, The New York Times and The Washington Post, gave front-page play to critical articles. That amounts to a five-alarm fire.

Most surprising, David Axelrod, the 2008-campaign guru who helped put Barack Obama and Biden into the White House, has become a fierce critic of Biden.

Axelrod is Obama’s proxy and if The One is pulling the plug on Plugs then it seems that Warren will be the logical successor to the Progressive Mantle.

And with the MSM, the whole of Donkdum and a goodly percentage of #NeverTrumpers/globalist establishment types rooting for a recession that can be blamed on Trump the prospect of a Warren Administration should put The Fear into Deplorable America.

One thing that the Seven Hours of Climate on CNN cleared showed was that the Donks are Deadly Serious about implementing radical across the board changes to the economy, the culture and the country as a whole.

Warren is a female Hugo Chavez who would happily preside over the Venezuelation of the United States.

And right now I’d venture that any Donk has a 60/40 chance of beating Trump – making a President Warren an odds on bet…



Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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