Duterte’s War on Crime Remains Popular Despite International Backlash

The trains are running on time

Rodrigo Duterte has been under routine attack in the press for years, because after being elected he declared “war” on crime, particularly drugs.

Philippine citizens are overwhelmingly satisfied with President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, a survey showed, giving a boost to a government outraged by an international push to investigate allegations of systematic murders by police.

The quarterly poll of 1,200 Filipinos by Social Weather Stations returned a rating of “excellent” for Duterte’s three-year campaign, with 82% satisfied due to a perception of less drugs and crime in the country.

That compared to 12% dissatisfied, because they believed the drug trade was still flourishing and there were too many killings and police abuses. The survey conducted by the independent pollster in late June had 6% undecided.

I’m not an expert on the Philippines and am not going to make any claims for or against Duterte’s war on drugs.

However, politicians like Duterte are an inevitability when a population feels its political class has failed them and is capable of changing government (when they aren’t capable of changing government, you get Venezuela).

When basic “bread and butter” political issues like crime are not being dealt with, eventually the public is going to start searching for someone who will “make the trains run on time.” They also won’t particularly care about the means used to get the trains running on time, either, especially if they are desperate enough.

What’s happening in the Philippines should serve as a warning to our arrogant, out of touch, and corrupt political class, but I doubt they’re smart enough to heed it or even notice it.


Written by Doomberg

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