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Brian Stelter Is Unfamiliar With Sweat

Fake News strikes again!

President Trump held yet another campaign rally in North Carolina Monday evening. Trump supporters from across the Tar Heel State to catch a glimpse of their favorite president in Fayetteville. Some of these eager MAGA disciples stood outside in the blistering Summer heat for nearly two days.

In fact, a quick Google search of the weather in Fayetteville for Monday showed the high as 94 degrees with 88% humidity.

That’s going to be extremely important in a moment.

President Trump apparently commented on the fact that there were many thousands of people standing outside for his rally, and that they were “soaking wet.” That’s when CNN’s Brian Stelter came along with what I’m sure he felt was a rather insightful “fact check.”

Anyone who has lived anywhere within the southern United States for any length of time knows exactly how unbearably hot Southern Summers are. You find yourself drenched in sweat the second you step outside. Exert yourself in any manner and you’ll find your shoes squishing inside of five minutes.

What I’m trying to say is that a typical Southern Summer day will find you drenched head to toe in your own sweat.

Obviously, the people waiting outside President Trump’s rally were soaked in their own sweat.


This is a concept that respected “journalist” Brian Stelter is apparently unfamiliar with.

Brian’s World is evidently an alternate Earth that’s been encased in a climate-controlled bubble. This allows the entire planet to be kept at a comfortable temperature no matter which region of the globe you might hail from. The only reason anyone in Brian’s World would find themselves positively soaked is if a random monsoon deluged them with water.

Brian’s World is also ruled by pasty, tubby manlets who wear glasses…

Even worse than a respected “journalist” being unfamiliar with the effects of intense heat upon the human body are the trained Leftist seals barking and clapping as if he said something insightful.

Luckily, there was one Leftist whack job who understood better than Brian Stelter what Orange Man Bad was referring to.

One astute Twit noticed that the number 88 is a favorite number for the white supremacists that CNN fears have taken over literally every aspect of our society today. He took it upon himself to call out Brian for his lack of discretion when composing his tweets.

Is it any wonder why we call CNN fake news?

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