Bahamas Begins to Survey the Damage After Dorian, Death Toll Rises


While the capital Nassau avoided the worst of the damage from Hurricane Dorian, the cities of Freeport and Marsh Harbor seem to have been almost totally destroyed. It will take the Bahamas a long time to recover from this one:

As the government of the Bahamas scrambled to help the living on Thursday, it was still a long way from accounting for the dead. As of Thursday night, the official death toll in the Bahamas had risen to at least 30, but many residents are convinced The Mudd has become something of a common grave.

Earlier Thursday, initial surveys had confirmed six deaths in Grand Bahama and 17 in the neighboring Abacos, according to Minister of Health Duane Sands, but the death toll rose to 30 late Thursday. That number is expected to increase as relief crews pour in from Florida and elsewhere and search and rescue teams reach more isolated areas. Sands called the devastation “unimaginable.”

In some ways, keeping the living alive has taken priority over finding the dead. The government and nonprofit organizations continued evacuating the elderly and sick from Abaco, but the process so far has been grindingly slow. While fixed-wing aircraft were landing on the still waterlogged airstrip, they were strictly emergency flights — not the mass and steady air bridge that might be needed to accommodate all those who want to leave.


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