Education Gulag: the NEA goes The Full Soviet for 2020

Brezhnev smiles…

The National Education Association has decided to go The Full Soviet and selected a commie-prop style poster as their official 2020 campaign propaganda meme.

In fact, the NEA spinmiesters are damn proud too:

Dallyn teaches art at Wasatch High School in Heber City. His contest entry references the Soviet propaganda posters he uses in class to teach basic design principles: “I’ve loved that style ever since I was introduced to it in my first art history class in college.” Outside of the classroom, Dallyn is a painter and freelance illustrator, and is active in state politics. He cares most about school funding, and recruiting and retaining great teachers.

Minnesota based conservative think-tank Center of the American Experiment covers the story here:

The PAC held a contest to design a campaign 2020 poster, and members interested in a copy of the winning poster could get one if they contributed $30 or more to the PAC, reported Mike Antonucci. Here is the winning poster by an art teacher in Utah:

The NEA announced the winner by including a short bio of the teacher that stated his “entry references the Soviet propaganda posters he uses in class to teach basic design principles.”

Staff writer Spartan Hero opines with excellent snark:

That’s right, the white kid has an A, while the brown kids are given SLAVE TOOLS to do stuff for the white kid…”

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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