Man Armed With Rifle Arrested Outside Missouri Walmart

Good guy with a gun stops a mass shooting…

Walmart Mass Shooter

Springfield police announced earlier this evening that they had arrested a 20-year-old man outside of a local Walmart.

The unidentified white male was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a rifle. He also had over 100 rounds of ammunition on him.

A local resident credited an off-duty concealed carrying firefighter with spotting the young man and detaining him until police arrived.

Springfield police Lt. Mike Lucas confirmed that an off-duty firefighter was involved in detaining this man.

Police are not confirming exactly what this young man’s motives were, however, it seems rather unlikely that he had good intentions towards the people in that Walmart.

It’s very likely that an armed, alert citizen stopped what could have been the fourth mass shooting in less than two weeks.

A good guy with a gun stopped a potential mass shooter.

What would have happened if that firefighter wasn’t allowed to conceal carry?


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