Let’s Keep Our Sense of Humor

The fact that the Left has so totally and completely lost any sense of humor doesn’t mean we should lose ours.

Lance Armstrong tweeted yesterday:

It still makes me chuckle maybe because I like self-deprecating humor. I love the image of Mike Pence, surrounded by Secret Service, having Lance Armstrong blow by him.

All too predictably, a whole lot of people on our side then went about being all annoyed.

We sometimes like to play the “but what if it was . . .” game so let’s try it. What if it was Biden.

I can’t drop many people on a bike these days but I just blew the fuckin’ doors off Joe Biden on a Nantucket bike path. Day. Made.

Actually, funnier. And now the ultimate test — Barack Obama.

I can’t drop many people on a bike these days but I just blew the fuckin’ doors off Barack Obama on a Nantucket bike path. Day. Made.

Not quite as funny since we have to wait for Obama’s reaction to it. If he thought it was cool, then it would be a joke on SNL. If he didn’t think it was cool, CNN would be going wall-to-wall with whether Lance Armstrong was a racist Nazi drug addicted socialist

The “F-word” is another thing. It’s used so regularly these days that it’s no longer totally offensive. However, I was sitting in a nice restaurant the other day, looking out on the Pacific ocean, drinking a lovely glass of Pinot Gris having to listen to this rube at the next table say “fuck” this and “fuck” that. I could have done without it.

That made me chuckle as well.

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