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IOC Smacks Down Kneeling American Fencer

Womp womp…

Race Imboden (gayest name for a fencer ever, by the way) thought he was being cute. The American fencer and possible Olympic contender took a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner on the medals stand at the Pan Am Games last week. Likely, Race thought he would become the next Megan Rapinoe and strike a blow for everyone oppressed by Orange Man Bad.

Unfortunately, Race forgot two things.

One, Americans don’t care about fencing.

Two, the International Olympic Committee is not the NFL, the NBA, or whatever league is currently in the process of being cucked by Rapinoe’s squad.

Three guesses as to where she’s going to put that trophy…

The IOC, you see, has a very specific set of rules regarding athletes conducting political protests. That is to say, athletes can’t conduct political protests. Period.

That’s why the CEO of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committe Sarah Hirshland sent a letter of reprimand to Race Imboden placing him on a 12 month probation. Hirshland is also a member of the IOC Olympic Program Board.

Hirshland’s letter also added a not-so-subtle threat to athletes who would feel like protesting in the future:

“It is also important for me to point out that, going forward, issuing a reprimand to other athletes in a similar instance is insufficient.”

In other words, Hirshland, the USOPC, and the IOC have made it clear that they will not be playing the games that other professional sports associations are engaged in. These august bodies fully intend to enforce the rules that they have set down, no matter what their athletes may think of them.

It’s about time someone had the guts to tell these Leftists to keep their politics out of sports.

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