Immigrants in US Military Face Harsher Citizenship Rule for Kids

THAT’S AWFUL?? Or is it . . .

You might have seen some variation of this on Twitter today.

The USCIS is the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The Hill went with:

At which point the left went batshit crazy as usual. The Courthouse News had the common courtesy to wait a bit and just use the somewhat misleading headline Immigrants in US Military Face Harsher Citizenship Rule for Kids.

The guidance from the USCIS had to do ONLY with the case where the parents were green card holders or hadn’t physically lived in the United States for five years. It never occurred to me that you could get a green card without living here but I suppose that’s possible. How you handle green card holders whose child is not born within the United States is certainly something I’d never give a moment’s thought to. The parents aren’t citizens but we might want to allow their kids to be citizens because they’re working for the United States but aren’t physically in the country.

We also got to see a bit of good old fashioned bureaucratic incompetence at work here since the USCIS had to issue a clarification on what should be been a paperwork cleanup matter.


So there you go. You can all rest easy that the Trump bureaucracy is still as incompetent as bureaucracies of past administrations.

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