FARC Members Call for Scrapping of Peace Treaty With Colombia

Back to the bad old days?

Colombia’s FARC rebels seem to increasingly be rearming, abandoning the peace treaty that was never very popular in the first place:

A group of former rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) said in a video posted overnight that they will embark on a new offensive, threatening to resume five decades of armed conflict against the government.

A peace accord signed by FARC and the Colombian government three years ago has come under pressure on various fronts, including the murder here of hundreds of former rebels and human rights activists, delays in funding for economic efforts by former combatants, and deep political polarization.

“This is the continuation of the rebel fight in answer to the betrayal of the state of the Havana peace accords,” said Marquez, dressed in olive fatigues and surrounded by armed fighters. “We were never beaten or defeated ideologically, so the struggle continues.”

In his response, Colombian President Ivan Duque announced a reward of 3 billion pesos ($863,000) would be given for information leading to the capture of each of the people who appear in the video.

“I have ordered the creation of a special unit for the pursuit of these criminals, with reinforced capacities in intelligence, investigation and mobility in all of Colombian territory,” Duque said in a taped statement.

It’s worth noting that previous reports have suggested a full third of FARC rebels have already rearmed. I think it’s fair to say the peace treaty is probably dead.


Written by Doomberg

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