Candace Owens And Paul Joseph Watson Come Out Against Free Speech

So-called champions of free speech…

Candace Owens Paul Joseph Watson Censorship

Paul Joseph Watson and Candace Owens are two nominally conservative activists and YouTubers. Paul Joseph Watson has made hilarious videos lampooning the Left for years. Candace Owens is a fairly recent convert to conservatism, but she’s made her mark as a firebrand and an advocate for black conservatives in America.

Both Paul Joseph Watson and Candace Owens claim to be against social media censorship. Candace Owens, in fact, recently testified in front of Congress on this exact subject.

On a recent episode of Candace Owens’ own show, however, both she and Paul Joseph Watson appeared to be in favor of social media censoring so-called white supremacists. Paul Joseph Watson even went so far as to describe Gab and BitChute, two of the largest pro-free speech social media platforms, as “ghettos” filled with white supremacists.

Justin Derby of Truth: The Objective Reality recently discussed Owens and Watson’s apparent championing of Big Tech censorship.

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