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A World Full Of Memes Deserves A Post

It’s Thursday, which unofficially means that it’s time to talk some memes. Leaning more on Twitter this time than Gab, as the latter is having stability issues with embedding images. Some of these come from Meme Master Carpe Donktum’s new Memeworld website, so check that out. The featured image is from this article at Babylon Bee, where they continue to take on the dopes at Snopes.

In case anyone is really sensitive to fun and humor, here’s your trigger warning:

Then tie into a perfect analogy in video form:

Of course, we can’t ignore the biggest troll of the week, from the God Emperor himself:

H/T To Ms. Contrarian Scientist for this one. Also don’t forget that no one in the MSM complained when Michael Savage was banned from the UK.

Since I mentioned the UK:

Gee, Leftists sure aren’t on board with reparations when it’s with their money:

Well this explains a lot:

The answer is: Yes.

Something for the gamers, you’ve probably heard about Ion Fury and how the publisher freaked out when some degenerate Outrage Queens were offended by the game. This meme sums it up:

Dealing with tech support is often like a video game….

Freedo, Greedo’s weaker, dumber brother:

Gun control in a meme:


And nothing better sums up the absurd “drip, drip, drip” than this. Via Memeworld.

AOC’s real mad about that Electoral College

All righty boys and girls, feel free to add to the fun below!

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