Trump: Al Sharpton Is A Con Man Who Hates Whites

He’s right you know…

President Trump’s criticism of the (new) grand Leftist utopia that is Baltimore drew a fair amount of criticism over this past weekend. Democrats didn’t like the fact that President Trump called out long-time Baltimore representative Elijah Cummings for his part in overseeing Baltimore’s slide into the third world.

Leftists, in fact, were so upset at President Trump criticizing a city none of them would live in by choice that the mighty Reverend Al Sharpton is on his way to save the day!

Luckily former RNC chairman and Never Trump stooge Michael Steele will be there to lend the barest hint of “bipartisanship” to Sharpton’s criticism of President Trump.

It’s important to note that Steele and Sharpton won’t actually be doing anything useful for the people of Baltimore while they’re in town. What’s more important is that they use Baltimore and its citizens as a prop to let everyone know that Orange Man is Very Very Bad.

President Trump must have gotten wind of Al “Resist We Much” Sharpton’s latest stunt. Earlier this morning Trump fired off a few choice tweets letting Americans know exactly where he stands on the “good reverend.”

Oh my. Someone really needs to tell President Trump that he’s not supposed to attack Democrats. Especially black Democrats that are attacking him for “racism.” The standard operating practice for Republicans for decades has been to smile, nod, and back away slowly without making eye contact when someone accuses you of racism.

Al Sharpton Trump Bush
Pictured: Republicans responding to accusations of racism.

The one thing you absolutely cannot do is criticize any so-called “civil rights leader.” People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are completely off limits. Why, these men marched with Dr. Martin Luther King! Only a racist Nazi Klansman would attack someone who stood arm in arm with one of the greatest men of the 20th century!

Never mind the fact that Al Sharpton was instrumental in promoting the Tawana Brawley rape hoax in 1988. Just ignore the time the Reverend Al led an angry mob that was literally chanting “kill the Jews.” Al Sharpton is a racial saint and it is the highest of mortal sins to criticize him in any manner.

Sharpton, for his part, attempted to hit back at President Trump with a few tweets of his own.

Oh my. Those are some hard-hitting tweets right there, Al. I’m sure President Trump is quaking in his boots just imagining the tongue lashing you’ll be giving him at your little presser later today.

After all, honeyed words and feigned moral outrage are much easier than actually fixing any of the problems facing the citizens of Baltimore.

Right, Al?


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