Stop Laughing At Frederica Wilson!

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

Frederica Wilson

Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is extremely pissed off. It’s not the supposedly deplorable conditions that illegal immigrants are being housed in at the border.

No, what’s really upsetting Frederica Wilson is the fact that people are laughing at their Congressional betters! How dare they make fun of elected officials! Why, someone ought to throw them all in prison!

Luckily we have a document that protects us from the likes of authoritarians like Frederica Wilson. She might want to read up on that sometime.

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Note: Yes I know I call her Frederica Williams during the first half of the video. Maybe she shouldn’t be an authoritarian bitch if she wants people to call her the right name.

Or maybe I should get more sleep before recording something. Whichever.


Written by Radius

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