Robert Mueller meets James T. Kirk

Most illogical, Captain…

It is just a undeniable truth: eventually everything that occurs in this universe and all others, known and unknown, can be traced back to classic a STAR TREK episode.

And so it goes with The Mueller Russia Hoax Probe as per this cheeky little ditty over at The American Spectator:

I think back to an episode of the original Star Trek series, “Patterns of Force,” in which the Starship Enterprise lands on planet Ekos to find out what ever happened to a great cultural mind, John Gill, who seemingly has disappeared on the planet. He had come to Ekos to improve the lives of the planet’s denizens. As Kirk, Spock & Co. land on the planet, they learn to their horror that Ekos has evolved into a culture paralleling that of Nazi Germany circa the 1930s. Even more shocking, all the stormtroopers offer their Nazi salutes to a photograph of their Fuehrer — John Gill! As the hour-long episode unfolds, it becomes clear that Gill is about to make a planet-wide television speech during which he will launch the “Final Solution,” aimed at exterminating the neighboring planet of Zeon. The Enterprise team cannot comprehend how the culturally refined John Gill ever ended up this way, as Nazi Fuehrer.

As the televised speech is about to begin, Kirk and his team learn the truth: that Gill’s Deputy Fuehrer, Melakon, long ago had taken control of Ekos from Gill, distorted Gill’s program, has been drugging Gill and keeping him locked away for years to be trudged out on occasions while still drugged, but only as  a figurehead.

As I watched Mueller on Wednesday, that Star Trek episode repeatedly came to mind. Mueller was John Gill and, at any moment, I was expecting Andrew Weissmann or one of the other “Mueller Investigation” henchmen to emerge as Melakon. It all seemed finally to make sense: Mueller had been drugged for two years, and Ekos had been hijacked by others. That helped me understand why Mueller could not testify with consistent coherence or command of the “Mueller Report

Personally, I can’t wait for Fat Jerry and Pencil Neck send in The Thralls…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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