One America News Sends Cease And Desist Letters To MSM Hacks

It’s about damn time.

MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and the Daily Beast have all accused independent media outlet One America News of being paid Russian propaganda.

The Daily Beast published an article on July 22 asserting that OAN reporter Kristian Brunovich Rouz was a paid Russian propagandist. The Daily Beast cited Rouz’s past work for Sputnik News as proof of this supposed connection.

Kremlin propaganda sometimes sneaks into Rouz’s segments on unrelated matters, dropped in as offhand background information. A segment on the Syrian rescue workers known as the White Helmets references “allegations of the White Helmets’ involvement in military activities, executions, and numerous war atrocities,” but doesn’t disclose that those “allegations” were hoaxes that originated with Vladimir Putin and his proxies.

In another report, Rouz cast Clinton’s criticism of Brexit as an extension of her “grievous insults and fake narratives against Russia”—an assertion that makes sense only in the context of Rouz’s multiple reports claiming Russia was framed for hacking Democrats.

In all of Rouz’s OAN segments reviewed by The Daily Beast, he is introduced as a “One America correspondent,” with no disclosure of his work for Russia’s state-owned media, where he continues to file stories daily, primarily on economic news.

“This completes the merger between Russian state-sponsored propaganda and American conservative media,” said former FBI agent Clint Watts, a research fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. “We used to think of it as ‘They just have the same views’ or ‘They use the same story leads.’ But now they have the same personnel.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the network’s foremost Russia collusion hoax proponent, referenced the Daily Beast article and continued the attack during an episode of her show last week.

OAN isn’t taking these baseless accusations lying down, however. The Gateway Pundit is reporting that OAN’s lawyers have sent cease and desist letters to MSNBC, the Daily Beast, and Rachel Maddow.

One America News has sent Cease and Desist notices and demands for retraction to Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, The Daily Beast and its reporter Kevin Poulson over their claims that the network is a “paid Russian propaganda operation.”

The notices to retract warned that if they do not comply with the conditions sent to them by August 15, 2019, they “will recommend that our client pursue all legal avenues to protect its interests, including damages and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred as a result of your actions.”

This isn’t the way things are supposed to go. Mainstream Media outlets such as MSNBC and the Daily Beast are supposed to be protected from any and all legal consequences for their actions. The MSM is allowed to make whatever spurious accusations of wrongdoing and misdeeds they want. The targets of these accusations are the ones who have to prove their innocence.

That’s how our society works, after all. Anyone the MSM levels an accusation at is guilty until proven innocent, and even then they’re probably lying about being innocent.

OAN Nick Sandmann
Just ask Nick Sandmann…

Time was an independent media outlet smeared in such away by the vaunted members of the legacy media would simply shrug and try to ignore the attacks. Better to just pretend it doesn’t exist rather than risk the ire of said media members by responding.

One America News has flat out refused to play by the old rules. MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and the Daily Beast published something that was flat out untrue. Any independent outlet would be held to task and forced to retract or prove such a statement.

The Mainstream Media should be no different.


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