Liberals Sure Aren’t Fun to Chat With

But I do it so you don’t have to

One of my jobs here at the Sparta Report is to engage with liberals so you won’t have to. I keep looking for the ones that can give some insight into the liberal thought process. It’s somewhat like the quest for the Holy Grail except without any reward at the end.

My last attempt was with a liberal on Twitter named Ian and the topic was asylum seekers.

I think we got off on the wrong foot because I basically agree, as does President Trump, that there are serious issues in the asylum system that need to be fixed. If someone makes a good enough case that they should be granted asylum, we throw them in a detention facility for perhaps a year or more which is dumb. We also don’t have the means to house families together so we separate the kids which is dumb. The only thing dumber is just saying “y’all come on in!”

To which Ian said “as a Christian, I disagree. I was taught that we are to treat foreigners in our land as brothers. That asylum issue has been in effect for about seventy years. What exactly is your problem with being charitable and welcoming? Are you scared, or are you being selfish?”

But the process for handling asylum seekers is quite clear in the law and, I said, you can’t arbitrarily decide to do something different because the law doesn’t work for us any longer. The laws need to be changed. This is where things start to get weird because I thought he’d agree with me at this point but that wasn’t to be.

“The international laws of asylum that our country helped write allow for a person to present themselves to law authorities not at a PoE (Point of Entry). That makes them legal asylum seekers. [Note 1] And most Americans do arbitrarily ignore laws on a daily basis. Have you never been in traffic?”

Yes, I said, and we have this curious “expedited removal” if we catch them within the first one hundred miles. The whole things is plain goofy. The PoE thing, for those who don’t know, has to do with an asylum seeker fearing for their life since if they go to a PoE in certain countries, you might just be killed or encounter authorities who want no part of you. This, of course, is a mess and needs to be fixed.

I also mentioned that telling an officer that everyone else is speeding so he can’t give you a ticket probably isn’t the wisest course of action. Ian seemed to miss the whole ‘actions have consequences’ thing.

“And ignoring an unjust law is not being arbitrarily, if you are using a system of moral code to justify the infraction.”

I reminded Ian than both Antifa and Nazis have a system of moral codes. I don’t think that flew well. At the heart of Ian’s thinking is that he happens, or so he believes, to have a really good system of moral codes that trumps (no pun intended) anyone else’s system of moral codes. And if the laws are morally wrong to your way of thinking, just ignore them!

The only entity that can be said to have a truly perfect system of moral codes is God and I’m suspicious that he’s passed that down to a random person on Twitter named Ian.

He then tried to convince me that ignoring laws when I felt like it was good and proper. Except, of course the laws that reflect your moral code. I’m pretty sure we refer to this as anarchy.

The thing went all sideways at that point with him accusing me of “standing behind the law” to which I just said “I’d rather stand behind it than in front of it!”

Well, I tried.

What’s so sad here is that both Democrats and Republicans are not happy with the system we have today. That the Democrats have gone full “open borders” is more than I can fathom. Perhaps, Ian’s comment of whether I am “scared” or “selfish” provides some insight. It’s somewhat like playing chicken with the country – let’s let a whole bunch of random people invade the country and see if we’re the better for it.

Somehow I don’t think so.

[Note 1] I don’t know where this comment came from. We weren’t discussing PoEs but rather the need to improve the system. Perhaps he was just trying to make the open borders case. Another oddity is that the people who manage to get into the country don’t present themselves to law authorities. That would be dumb. However, if ICE gets a hold of them, they can declare that they want to apply for asylum. Of course, why would you want to do that and wind up in a detention center? Just go back and cross into the United States again!

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