Leftists Find A Scapegoat In Alex Acosta

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Alex Acosta Scapegoat

Leftists tried so hard to pin the Jeffrey Epstein scandal on President Trump. Trump said some nice things about Epstein over 15 years ago. Obviously, that meant that Trump and Epstein were in cahoots and sex trafficking kids together. Never mind the fact that Trump banned Epstein from Mar A Lago for sexually harassing an underage girl at his club.

When that didn’t work the Left moved on to their next best target-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Acosta was involved in the so-called “sweetheart deal” that Epstein received after his first conviction for child molestation. Leftists spent the last week hammering Acosta relentlessly, finally forcing him to resign on Friday.

Looks like the Left finally got their pound of flesh out of the Trump Administration.

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Edit: Yes, I know I refer to Alex Acosta several times as the Commerce Secretary when he was actually the Labor Secretary. My bad.

I’m still more accurate than CNN.


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