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Sometimes the stars align in such a manner as to capture lightning bugs in a bottle.

The indispensable Mark Steyn recognized the moment in a recent post entitled Wokeness at Warp Speed:

But this is the logic of identity politics. There can be no good-faith arguments. We are on Leninist ground: Who, whom? If I were Ilhan Omar, I’d jump in the race right now, and dare them to call me on it.

As usual, Steyn is absolutely prescient and spot on.

With twenty-odd Donks vying for the the nomination and not a one of then embodying the necessary wokeness quotient to coalesce the SJW troops who run the party, it’s clear this is Ilhan’s moment to seize.

Checking all the major intersectional boxes (except GLBTQetc) and carrying the street-cred cache of her newly-blossomed fight with the evil-bad racist Orange Man, Omar should easily rocket to the top of the Donk pack moments after announcing her candidacy.

Omar really needs to ask herself: “if not now, when, and and if now, why not?”

Since Nancy Pelosi was called out for her racism by The Squad just a week ago, is there a candidate presently running who can effectively challenge Omar on anything without inviting the wrath of the “Wokestapo”?

Time for the Donks to go home to Ilhan.

And somewhere in the deep, mosquito-laden woods of the North Star State Senator Amy Klobuchar, realizing her moment has passed, weeps…


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

Strozek, along with his alter-egos the decadent, drug-addled Sixties refugee Uncle Bruno and his intolerably feminist SJW Cousin Brunoetta have been riding the not-yet crested wave of deplorability with posts covering politics, sports, entertainment and zombies.

Aptly described as both "hilarious and deeply disturbed" Strozek has enthusiastically embraced the recommendation of the late Raoul Duke that "when the going gets weird the weird turn pro."

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