Frederica Wilson Doesn’t Trust The Border Patrol

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

Democrat Congresswoman and reject rodeo clown Frederica Wilson is still trashing the hard-working men and women of the Border Patrol. During an appearance on CNN last week, Wilson indicated that she had seen 17 year old girls in allegedly deplorable conditions. Wilson also stated that she was not allowed to see the 13 year old girls. Strangely, Frederica Wilson stated that she didn’t trust the Border Patrol around these young girls.

Frederica Wilson and her Democrat brethren are continuing down what could be a very, very dangerous path.

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Written by Radius

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  1. The Democrats need to get off their asses and start doing their jobs and get the walls up or close the border. The way these Democrats are accusing the border patrol people they are Probably going to end up having some crazy person start attacking the border patrol. God help them

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