Flashback: Leftists Laughed At Otto Warmbier

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

President Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the DMZ between North and South Korea on Sunday. President Trump made history when he became the first sitting US president to enter North Korea.

Naturally, the Left was frothing at the mouth with rage. Kim Jong Un was responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier, after all. Why on earth would President Trump cozy up to the man who killed an American student over a stolen banner?

Once again, I’m forced to remind everyone that Leftists were actually laughing and celebrating the day Otto Warmbier was arrested.

You can view my previous video on Otto Warmbier here:

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  1. That was a very sad story. I figured the left would bring that up. It does sting a little to see our president doing what has to be done. I would imagine so much more so for his family. Foreign policy is always dicey and bigger than any one individual case. Sometimes it’s a hardline stance on no ransome demands, sometimes it’s schmoozing with a guy like this. It does sting a little. But I Trust Trump’s motives and I trust that he knows what he’s doing. Not going to be sucked into the left’s Destroy Trump at any cost politics.

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