Embarrassed by my Skin

A tattoo of US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is seen on the arm of Anthony Borbell during a rally March 14, 2016 in Vienna Center, Ohio. White House hopefuls face off in crucial primaries in five states (Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio) that could be decisive, especially for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

I’ve had occasion to actually rest and relax at various swimming pools the last few weeks and I’m totally embarrassed by my pasty white skin color! My chubby body and bald head don’t embarrass me nearly as much as my skin. I’m certain that people are staring at me.

You see, my friends, I don’t have a tattoo.

That’s right. I’m skin is completely devoid of artwork except for the occasional non-cancerous mole and a few cherry angiomas. I also have a cute mole on my right cheek although it’s not nearly as cute as actress and Trump Hater Sophia Bush.

I always have liked strong women with strong opinions! She also has a couple of tattoos with deep, inner meanings that’s complete rubbish.

My father had a tattoo and he absolutely hated it. He was in the Philippines during WWII and some buddies convinced him to get a tattoo. He claimed he didn’t remember any of it the next day and was relieved that it just said “Mother.”

I’ve always seen tattoos as conforming to group think while feeling like you’re being an individual. Personally, the limited colors and limited skill of tattoo artists along with something that wasn’t designed as a canvas is a high risk way to demonstrate you’re being an individual. It’s simpler just to say you’re conservative if you want to draw attention to yourself.

Perhaps I simply lack the commitment to do something that is very difficult to undo.

I am considering one tattoo which is of a bull’s-eye. I’ve had so many blood draws over the last few years, that I’ve become quite familiar with where the vein is located which is 3/8″ to the left of a freckle on my right arm. They all want to hunt around so a simple image telling them exactly where to stick me would save us both a lot of grief.

The other question I have about tattoos is are tattoos racist? Pasty white skin is definitely a much better choice for the artwork to “pop” than dark brown skin. Try putting a brown piece of paper in an inkjet printer and see what you get! There really isn’t a means to get the same result from tattooing on dark skin versus white. Therefore, I conclude that tattooing is racist. I could, of course, be wrong here.

It wasn’t very long ago that if you had a tattoo, it had to be covered up while at work particularly if you dealt directly with the public. Now if the girl who hands you your tray at McDonald’s doesn’t have a piercing along with a tattoo on their arm, it catches your attention and makes you wonder whether this person has any friends at all.

Speaking of #METOO, is it permissible to stare at a female’s tattoo? I assume it’s there because they believe it to be art and art is generally supposed to be viewed. These are confusing times.

If you have a tattoo or want to get a tattoo, it’s perfectly fine with me. This is ‘Merica and I’ll defend your constitutional right to ink with all the clout that the Sparta Report has to offer.


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