Do You Stand With Terrence K Williams?

I do…

Terrence K Williams

The only thing black conservative comedian Terrence K Williams wanted was some decent fried chicken.

What he got, however, was a harrowing tale of racism reminiscent of Georgia Democrat Erica Thomas’ recent struggle.

Hear the horror that Terrence faced Monday evening in his own words.

Terrence’s video managed to go viral, and the hashtag #IStandWithTerrenceKWilliams was trending for much of Monday evening.

Most people understood and appreciated the joke.

Fact: the worst feeling in the world is getting excited about getting Chick Fil A…and then realizing it’s a Sunday.

A few twits, however, did not appreciate Terrence’s sense of humor.

It’s funny. The ones that are called racists and bigots every single day are laughing and having a great time. The folks who are so concerned with fighting racism are throwing around slurs that would make a Klansman blush.

I did my part and tweeted my support of Terrence Williams.

Do you stand with Terrence K. Williams?

Or are you a racist who hates crispy fried chicken?


Written by Radius

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