Deutsche Bank Faces Huge Retrenchment as it Slashes 18,000 Jobs

The next big bank failure?

I have long thought that if the developed world were to face another 2008-style financial crisis, the trigger would be a collapse of Deutsche Bank. Zero Hedge has noted in the past, the bank has a scary €43.5 trillion in derivatives, and the bank has been performing badly for years.

The latest news that Deutsche Bank is exiting the global equities business, is facing a large loss, and is slashing thousands more jobs is yet the latest sign that the company is in deep trouble:

Deutsche Bank announced Sunday that it will pull out of global equities sales and trading, scale back investment banking and slash thousands of jobs as part of a sweeping restructuring plan to improve profitability.

Deutsche will cut 18,000 jobs for a global headcount of around 74,000 employees by 2022. The bank aims to reduce adjusted costs by a quarter to 17 billion euros ($19 billion) over the next several years.

The German bank’s decision to scale back investment banking comes just two days after investment banking chief Garth Ritchie stepped down by “mutual agreement.”

Deutsche expects its restructuring plan to cost 7.4 billion euros by the end of 2022. The German bank may report a net loss of 2.8 billion euros in the second quarter of 2019. It will release second quarter results on July 25.

The German lender once sought to compete with America’s big banks on Wall Street, but has been pummeled by scandals, investigations and massive fines stemming from the financial crisis and other issues in recent years.


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