Boris Johnson Will Seek a Trade Deal With Donald Trump

Deal or no deal?

The United Kingdom sticks its' middle finger up to the EU and destroys the certainty of elite control.

Boris Johnson is doing the smart thing and announcing his intent to get a free trade deal with the US to help stave off the economic problems that separation from the EU will create:

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to become Britain’s next prime minister would want to meet U.S. President Donald Trump within the first two months of becoming prime minister to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal, the Times newspaper reported on Sunday citing an ally of the former London mayor.

“The key to the whole thing is the US. If we get a trade deal with America we will be very quickly in the market for other deals. It encourages others to realize that we mean business,” the newspaper quoted Johnson’s ally as saying.

The former foreign secretary is ready to travel to the United States as soon as possible if he becomes the prime minister to secure a limited agreement before the Brexit deadline of Oct. 31, the paper said.

Trump has expressed interest in the past in signing a free trade deal with the British to encourage them to meet their commitment to leaving the EU. Such a free trade deal would bring Britain closer to the US and be a major blow to the EU, and help create an Anglo-American free trade bloc.

The problem is that any such trade deal will be held up by the Democrats and #NeverTrumpers in Congress, who are determined not to let a single Trump legislative priority through Congress. Given that the USMCA is unlikely to pass anytime soon, any trade agreement with Britain would be similarly paralyzed.

If anything, a trade agreement with Britain might be even harder to pass, since the US left is pro-EU and would be keen on helping the EU punish Britain for leaving the union.


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