Boris Johnson Is Britain’s New Prime Minister

A new day for Brexit?

Boris Johnson Prime Minister

Britain’s Conservative party has officially selected hard-line Brexiteer Boris Johnson as Britain’s new Prime Minister.

The Conservative party released the results of the inter-party contest earlier this morning.

Boris Johnson had been selected by a vote of 160,000 conservatives after Theresa May was forced to resign amid a bitter feud over how her government has handled Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Johnson himself released a statement regarding his selection on Twitter.

President Trump also tweeted a message of congratulations to Britain’s new Prime Minister.

Perhaps President Trump could invite Prime Minister Johnson to the White House for a celebratory state dinner hosted by Chick Fil A?

Boris Johnson Trump
Improving foreign relations with chicken and waffle fries…

Boris Johnson has been a stanch supporter of Britain leaving the EU since before the country’s Brexit referendum in 2016. Johnson has vowed to leave the EU by October 31 of this year with or without a deal in place. Many members of Johnson’s own Conservative party oppose leaving the EU without some kind of a deal.

Johnson will officially take over at 10 Downing Street from Theresa May on Wednesday.


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