Bob Mueller — Patriot

Back in April, I was chatting with Doomberg on the super secret back channel the moderators use. The discussions are often quite erudite. Well, except when Radius starts calling everyone names but that’s for another day.

As I’ve said before . . . Mueller is a patriot. He didn’t need or want this gig but he ran every claim and innuendo to ground. He’s also a prosecutor which means his job was to find prosecutable things. He was the perfect choice which leaves the Left nowhere to go . . . as you’all have pointed out.

Rush played a montage today of how the media and the Democrats were ecstatic with the choice of Bob Mueller. As far as I remember, no Republicans posed any objection either.

In the end, both Republicans and Democrats dislike Bob Mueller for different reasons. This is as close to “non-partisan” as we can get these days.

But then we have:

This I don’t get at all and I can’t even suggest a credible reason. Perhaps we’ll know one day and perhaps not. There were a lot of very high powered people who worked on the Mueller Commission. For whatever reason, this lame statement is the one they chose to go with. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see any of them running to MSNBC to correct what Bob Mueller had to say.

In fact, all of these folks rolled up their tents and took new jobs.

On the staffing front, Mueller official Zainab Ahmad will return to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York, where she previously worked out of the Brooklyn-based unit on high-profile terrorism cases, according to Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel. Aaron Zelinsky has already left Mueller’s team to go back to the U.S. attorney’s office he worked at previously in Baltimore, although recent court filings show he continues to pull double duty by helping federal prosecutors in Washington who have taken over the Stone case.

DOJ officials said they expect Michael Dreeben to return from his Mueller duty to his post as deputy solicitor general, where his 100-plus arguments before the Supreme Court earned accolades in 2016 from Chief Justice John Roberts.

I’m pretty confident that regardless of any non-disclosures that are in place that if any of them felt that some materially significant was left out, they’d find a way to make it known and find a means for themselves to get clear of any wrongdoing on their part.

What will be in the back of my mind is that something so damning to one or both of the Clintons and one or more of the Obamas was uncovered that they had to all backtrack and agree “not to go there.”

This, by the way, is good if that’s what happened — something many of you will no doubt disagree with. It simply cannot happen that we criminally investigate any of these people. The reason is that no good can possibly come from it as no good came from Clinton’s impeachment. The “impeach Trump” movement can be traced directly back to wanting to impeach a Republican as retribution for the Clinton impeachment.

A side note is that a weakness of our president is having to learn OJT (on the job training). He made a career from hiring lawyers to create desired outcomes and if they can’t, he either got new lawyers or moved on to something else. This entire “you just need to sit here and take it” that has become the normal course of presidential politics over the years, is something he seems to completely reject. The Swamp has significant resources and they will use each and every one of them to keep a president they don’t like at bay — including creating claims that President Trump broke the law out of nearly whole cloth.

I’m keeping Bob Mueller in the patriot category and I think he did the “right things” for the country. While it’s certainly possible that President Trump might decide to go after Hillary and Barack because that’s what he does, I’d rather see him not.

Will the Democrats thank him for it? Nah. But I think I’ve had enough of this whole 2016 election to last me a lifetime.

Mark Rosneck

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