Biden Back in Command As Kamala Plummets

The nominee?

It’s still very early in the Democrat primary race, but Joe Biden seems to have completely recovered from his loss to Kamala Harris in the second debate. Furthermore, Kamala has drifted back down to fourth place:

Joe Biden is leading in a new Fox News national survey of the Democratic presidential primary, holding on to a steady lead from a pre-debate poll in the latest piece of good polling news for the former vice president after faltering in the first debate.

The former vice president leads the field with 33 percent, the poll shows. He’s followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 15 percent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 12 percent and Sen. Kamala Harris’ 10 percent.

The top four’s positioning was stable from the last Fox News national poll, which was taken in mid-June, before the first Democratic presidential primary debate. All four of the top candidates saw slight changes in their numbers — Biden’s support ticked up 1 point from 32 percent in the previous survey — but all of the changes were within the poll’s margin of error.

The Fox News survey was the second debate-qualifying poll released Thursday to show Biden well ahead of the field. A Monmouth University poll in South Carolina had the former vice president well ahead of the field, buoyed by black voters, who are a majority of the Democratic electorate in the state.

The media has been doing everything it can to help Kamala Harris, who is the most extreme by far of the candidates running, but she has repeatedly failed to launch. Her best moment was at the second debate, where she smeared Biden as a segregationist.

In the immediate aftermath of the debate, Biden’s numbers dropped and the media tried to push the narrative that he was the next Jeb Bush and that his campaign was doomed, and that he should drop out.

Instead he recovered, and not only has he recovered but he has strong black support to boot, something which I’m sure angers the extreme left. They should also be concerned at the fact that their support is relatively limited even with Democrat voters.

What’s happening with Biden is showing the waning power of the media to “take out” disfavored political candidates. They’ve spent months accusing Biden of being a racist and a rapist, and it hasn’t really slowed him down at all. At most these ginned up “scandals” result in a short drop in poll numbers for a few days before Biden recovers.

This may be why Biden is feeling emboldened enough to begin an actual honest discussion of why the Democrats really lost 2016, which he attributes to failing to connect with voters rather than a secret cabal of Russian Nazi spies lead by Donald Trump “hacking the vote.”

Biden is a really weak candidate, but the media may have become so weakened that they can’t touch him. To be honest, I hope he wins the primary. I don’t want him to be president, but I want crazies like Harris in the race even less. And there’s nothing I like more than watching the media lose.


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