What’s In YOUR Meme This Week?

Welcome to another wonderful edition of your weekly gathering of memes. Many borrowed shamelessly from Gab, which for any faults it has is still the best alt-social media site out there.

Let’s start with the fine print:

Along those lines, just another day in socialist paradise:

Well at least I’m not alone:

It’s Tool Time With Tim:

No snark from me needed here:

Be careful as you start to have fun out there:

Here’s the gaming meme section, just move along if you can’t let people have their fun, starting with iD Software making their own meme for the upcoming Doom Eternal:

But for the most part, Gamedom is catering to the SJWs as they water everything down:

Sorry to darken the mood here, but it’s poignant:

Along dark lines, YouTube has arbitrarily decided to ban another political channel in the run-up to Election 2020


And for the real frontrunner of the race! He’s gunna cure cancer!

Ok Spartans – let’s see what you’ve got!

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