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The JFK Option

While I still believe that Nanzi has no recourse but to pull the trigger on Peachmint Summer in the near future it appears that a growing number of increasingly unhinged  Hollyweird types are pushing the Nutz-O-Meter past it’s usual setting of 11.

The always spot-on Victor Davis Hanson has weighed in on the end-game of Trump Derangement Syndrome in his latest post TIRED, BORING -AND DANGEROUS-CELEBRITY DEATH WISHING:

A veritable mini-industry of celebrity calls for Trump’s violent death or assassination is now old and boring—and getting dangerous.

…celebrities (many of whom are high-school dropouts) are by nature a bit arrogant and sometimes plain dumb. They wrongly confuse their ability to act or sing with some sort of intelligence and erudition. But since Plato, the philosophers have warned us that performance is more a natural than acquired gift, and may have nothing to with intelligence, wisdom, or learning.

…celebrities do not fear a backlash. The bosses of the entertainment industry are also left-wing for the most part. Even vile attacks against conservatives may be considered career enhancements. As wealthy elites, they believe they are privileged and influential, and so should be exempt from the legal consequences of publicly hoping or advocating for the death of a sitting president.

Finally, Hollywood and entertainers especially are divorced from much of America. The wealth, segregation, walls, nannies, servants, gardeners, climate, and privilege of Malibu, Beverly Hills, Montecito, or Santa Monica are not American normal. Almost no Americans live in the royal manner of a Jim Carrey or Johnny Depp. The New York City public theater would not ritually kill Trump every night on stage if they were performing “Julius Caesar” in rural Alabama or central Oklahoma.

As always with any VDH piece, you should read the whole thing.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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